Dressing Table Price in Bangladesh

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Dressing Table Buying in Bangladesh

Dressing table is an essential piece of furniture used in the bedroom. This type of table basically enhances the beauty of the room besides providing storage space for beauty and decoration essentials. In Bangladesh, dressing table is considered as attractive and beauty-enhancing furniture for women. Nowadays in BD, dressing table is easily and affordably available in different shapes and designs made of different materials including wood, iron, and engineered wood.

How many type of dressing table available in Bangladesh?

Various type of dressing table is available in Bangladesh with its own design and feature. There are three notable types of dressing tables available in BD:

Basic Dressing Table: This type of dressing table is usually the simplest and most affordable dressing table in Bangladesh. It consists of small drawers or shelves with little storage space and a mirror.

Vanity Dressing Table: Vanity dressing table is usually slightly larger than the basic dressing table. Also this type of dressing table provides more storage space with multiple drawers, shelves and compartments. In addition, large mirrors, attractive designs and some dressing tables provide lighting facilities for additional light.

Wall-Mounted Dressing Table: This type of dressing table is designed to be mounted on the wall. The wall-mounted dressing table has a mirror and storage. This type of dressing table will save space in the bedroom as well as make the room attractive.

In addition to considering the size, design and material of the above dressing tables, it is important to consider factors such as budget and personal preference.

What is the price of dressing table in Bangladesh?

Currently, the price of dressing table in Bangladesh is determined based on its materials, design and size. Dressing table price in Bangladesh starts from TK 4,500 which is standard with single mirror. Moreover, the price of dressing table in Bangladesh with single to multiple drawers made of common wood, MDF wood and Canadian wood starts from TK 10,000. Moreover, iron-made dressing tables are available in BD which are relatively expensive.

What to look for before buying a dressing table?

Before buying a dressing table in Bangladesh there are some key points to consider in order to choose the right dressing table in accordance with the requirement and budget. Important things to look for while buying a dressing table:

1. Size: The size of the dressing table is a very important thing to consider. And, if the dressing table is big, it will occupy more space in the bedroom. So before buying a dressing table, you should consider whether it will save enough space as well as fit well in the bedroom.

2. Built Material: Nowadays, dressing table is generally available in BD made of various materials including strong wood, engineering wood, and iron. So before buying, one should consider the durability and maintenance requirements of the dressing table along with the budget and needs.

3. Design: Design is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a dressing table. Because it should complement the overall decor of the bedroom. So before buying a dressing table, one should consider a design that matches the personal preference of the user.

4. Storage Space: Check the storage space required on the dressing table for cosmetics, jewelry and other essentials. Therefore, before buying a dressing table, you should check whether there are enough drawers, shelves and compartments to keep the used items well organized and easily stored.

5. Mirror: Mirror is an essential part of dressing table. So before buying one should choose a dressing table that is big enough for the needs and is positioned at the right height. Moreover, some dressing tables provide additional mirrors and lighting facilities for extra light.

6. Budget: Dressing tables in Bangladesh are available in a wide range at different prices. So one should choose a dressing table that suits the budget along with the quality or functionality.

Besides, a comfortable stool or chair should be considered along with the dressing table. Because you have to spend time sitting in front of the dressing table for dressing up. So before buying one should choose a comfortable stool or chair along with the dressing table which will be beneficial for the user's back.