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Battery Buying in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a progressive country. And in this progressive country, batteries are widely used in various vehicles, IPS, UPS, solar panels, vans, cameras, torch lights, auto rickshaws and other items in terms of electrical connections. The most important thing for them is the battery. Without batteries, these items are completely useless. For these, very good quality batteries are available in Bangladesh at low prices because they are produced locally.

What is the price of batteries in Bangladesh?

The battery price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 900 and it is a lead-acid & 12 volt battery. However, the price of the battery depends on the type of battery and what it will be used for.

What are the uses of batteries?

There are several types of batteries available in Bangladesh according to their functions and features like car battery, bike battery. Now let's discuss about the familiar battery:

Batteries for vehicles:

Private cars, buses, trucks, bikes, vans move more in Bangladesh. Different batteries are available for each of them, for example 12 volt battery is sufficient for bike, van or auto rickshaw but there is variation in battery amperage between these 12 volts. This amperage depends on the time of use. A 140 amp battery is ideal for extended use. Again, for cars, buses, trucks, a 12 volt battery will be sufficient, but the amperage capacity can be more than 140 amperes depending on the use.

Battery for IPS:

Many people in Bangladesh are familiar with IPS. The battery used in the IPS provides the power required to operate the IPS. The IPS battery is available in different capacities. Depending on the capacity variation, the IPS will determine how many devices will provide electrical power in the used location. Batteries used for IPS are usually 100 amp, 130 amp, 150-165 amp, 200 amp and their price depends on the capacity and brand. And the long lasting battery used in IPS is called tubular battery which is high power and its price depends on the size.

Solar Battery:

Solar battery basically provide electricity by absorbing the charge from the light coming from the sun with the help of solar panels. These solar batteries are especially useful in places where load shedding is high.

UPS Battery:

UPS is commonly used for computers. When there is no electrical connection, some electrical power is available through the UPS with the help of the battery inside it. UPS battery in Bangladesh range from 7-ampere to 200-ampere batteries.

What is a dry cell battery and how much does it cost?

They are similar to normal batteries and are commonly used in portable devices. Its price in Bangladesh depends on the battery capacity.

Tips to make the battery last longer

No matter what the battery is used for, many people say that the battery does not last long. Let's discuss some tips to make the battery last longer:

1. In case of lead-acid batteries, acid water level should be checked regularly.

2. Small batteries should be disconnected after use.

3. Care should be taken to allow light and air to enter the surroundings of the battery.

4. Batteries should be cleaned regularly.

5. If the battery is not waterproof, keep it away from water.