Nebulizer Machine

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৳ 1,200
18 hours ago
NTI Automic Nebulizer Machine

Automization of liquid medications, high proparation of respirable particles, replacement air filter, extra long...

৳ 2,500
1 day ago
BOXYM-N2 Portable Nebulizer for COPD

Portable ultrasonic nebulizer low residual fluid household medical atomizer handheld asthma inhaler for adults / kids,...

৳ 3,500
24 days ago
Elite Aero Family Active Noise Reduction Nebulizer Machine

Elite aero family nebulizer machine 250 kPa pressure, 101 per min compressor air flow, 5:51 per min nebulizer air flow,...

৳ 1,730
1 month ago
High Speed Compressor Nebulizer Machine

High speed compressor nebulizer is very good to reduce asthma instantly in the form of a mist so it can be inhaled.

৳ 1,820
1 month ago
Scian NB-221C Highly Effective Nebulizer Machine

Scian NB-221C nebulizer machine has 10ml capacity of nebulizer kit, nebulizing pressure 100~190Kpa and extreme pressure...

৳ 1,470
1 month ago
Super Care Compressor Nebulizer Machine

Super Care nebulizer machine has medication capacity 6ml, particle size respirable fraction 0.5 to 5μm, 80% MMAD...

৳ 1,550
2 months ago
Leoliving Efficient Compressor Fast Nebulizer Machine

Leoliving nebulizer machine is very lightweight, quieter, easy to clean nebulizer machine, efficient nebulizer...