Blood Pressure Machine

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৳ 4,100
2 days ago
Omron JPN2 LCD Display Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron JPN1 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor has fully automatic control, clear and large LCD display, personalized...

৳ 3,100
2 days ago
Omron Hem-7120 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Machine

Omron Hem-7120 blood pressure machine has intellisence technology, 40 - 180 beats / min, capacitive pressure sensor,...

৳ 2,790
2 days ago
Microlife A2 Classic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife A2 classic digital blood pressure monitor has M-L size cuff, PAD technology, 30 data memory, 120 x 87 x 59 mm...

৳ 1,350
2 days ago
Electronic RAK289 LCD Screen Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Electronic RAK289 digital blood pressure monitor has LCD screen, fully automatic control, DC 6V power supply, 9.8 x...

৳ 1,999
2 days ago
Scian LD-539 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Device

Scian LD-539 automatic digital blood pressure monitor device has 0-300mmHg blood pressure range, 40-160 beats / min...

৳ 1,450
2 days ago
ALPK2 V500 Blood Pressure Machine with Stethoscope

ALPK2 V500 blood pressure machine has olive and stainless color, 22-32cm upper arm BP adult cotton cuff and...

৳ 2,000
6 days ago
Scian LD-575a Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Machine

Scian LD-575a automatic blood pressure machine has precise BP reading, keep memory of measured BP reading and runs on...

৳ 2,900
6 days ago
Microlife Digital BP Machine with Heartbeat Detection

Microlife digital blood pressure machine is very accurate that is compared with those taken on a mercury...

৳ 1,200
1 day ago
Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic digital blood pressure monitor has one-touch automatic operation, latex-free patented universal cone cuff,...

৳ 2,185
2 months ago
Wrist Blood Pressure Machine LCD Digital Display

Wrist blood pressure machine has LCD digital display, automatic pressurizing pump.