Ultrasonography Machine Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Ultrasonography was originally developed from the process of converting sound energy into mechanical energy. The research on ultrasound in physics was first started from the issues of how bats travel using ultrasound and the time it takes for that sound to travel a certain distance and return. In addition to external sounds, some sounds are obtained from the human body, one of which is the heartbeat. When we put our ears to each other's chest, we can hear the sound. In the 20th century, physicists used this sound to study how to transform it into an image. Later applying this term, the process of obtaining images is called ultrasonography. In this case, the frequency of sound is 1-10 mega hertz.

Use of Ultrasound Machine: 

The use of ultrasonography machine is mainly used in pregnancy in Bangladesh for the position of the baby in the mother's stomach, the physical growth of the baby and diagnosis of various diseases. But many call it an ultrasound machine.

How much Cost Ultrasound Machine ?

Since its invention, ultrasonography machines have come in new models over time and each model has different features. There are some popular brands in the market like geo, philips, siemens, canon so there is a variation in price. The price of the ultrasound machine in Bangladesh starts from tk 8,500 which has a fetal dropper and can listen to the baby's heartbeat. However, diagnostic work requires high-quality ultrasonography machines that start at tk 500,000.

Things to Consider before Buying an Ultrasound Machine:

Transducer Probe:

One of the most important parts of the ultrasound machine. It is the main carrier of wave transmission that transmits sound to the patient's scanning area to provide accurate image. Transducer probes are of different types including linear, convex, transesophageal probes or 3d, 4d probes. Each probe should be purchased with consideration of image type and lab sample test issue.

Central Processing Unit:

The image received from the central processing unit is sent to the monitor for examination by the doctor or lab technician. Central processing units should be checked and purchased depending on the speed and needs of the work. There are various configurations of intel, amd processor combined cpu in the market. So buy in accordance with the ultrasound machine while buying.


The display is needed to verify the image and interpretation received from the cpu. A good display is definitely needed in this case. Ultrasonography machines require color doppler, power doppler, spectral doppler or wave doppler displays to display accurate color for pregnancy, blood or other disease test. Therefore, the display should be purchased considering the things that can be used for pregnancy test or testing different types of sample in the lab.

Best Ultrasonography Machine Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for February, 2024

Ultrasonography Machine Model Price in BD
Chison ECO 3 Color Ultrasound Machine ৳ 265,000
Sonoline B Pocket Fetal Doppler ৳ 6,500
Edan U2 PE Color Doppler High Frame Rate Ultrasound Scanner ৳ 780,000
Zoncare i50 Color 12 Inch LCD Ultrasound Imaging System ৳ 220,000