Ultrasound Scanner

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৳ 690,000
20 hours ago
Edan U2 PE Color Doppler High Frame Rate Ultrasound Scanner

Edan U2 PE ultrasound scanner has multi beam technology​, high frame-rate in all modes including color and doppler,...

৳ 120,000
20 hours ago
Healson HS-UP20L Handheld USB Ultrasound Scanner Machine

Healson HS-UP20L handheld ultrasound scanner machine has small and lightweight design, full digital imaging technology,...

৳ 1,950,000
1 month ago
Philips Clearvue 350 Color Doppler 4D Ultrasound Machine

Philips Clearvue 350 Color Doppler 4D Ultrasound Machine has shared service clinical option, ultrasound machine XRes,...

৳ 170,000
20 hours ago
Zoncare i50 Color 12 Inch LCD Ultrasound Imaging System

Zoncare 50 color ultrasound scanner has 12 inch flicker less LCD monitor, 90 degree adjustable angle, double probe...

৳ 120,000
20 hours ago
Healson UP-20C Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

Healson UP-20C wireless ultrasound scanner has advanced digital imaging technology, built-in and replaceable battery,...

৳ 4,200,000
5 months ago
Philips Affinity 30 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Premier end affinity 30 4D color doppler ultrasound machine has large 21.5 inch high definition LCD display, 37-41dB...