Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh 2022 & 2023

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With the advancement of technology, the smartwatch has replaced the traditional watch which has given a user the benefit of digital watch, medical sensor, health monitoring and some other smart features. Smart watches are becoming especially popular among the youth of Bangladesh for their low prices. BD smartwatches are also known as mobile gori, mobile watch. Let's make some notes so that you can buy the best smart watch in Bangladesh at low price.

1. Check if the smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone otherwise you will not be able to transfer data easily. Although most smartwatches support the Android operating system, make sure the version you are using is the correct version.

2. Make sure that two common medical functions are included, such as BP monitoring, SPo2, also known as oximeter. These are often used as part of daily life.

3. Battery life of a smart watch is a key issue. Since it is used all the time, the longer the battery life, the easier it will be to use. Battery life should be at least 3 days. Remember that the battery life of a cheap smartwatch is short.

4. Usually all smartwatches come with an extra band so you can replace it. Also, additional bands should be available to buy in the market if required.

5. Some smartwatches come with analog displays and some digital displays. LCD and LED are more popular if you choose digital displays. The LED display will give a clear look. Some smartwatches support "always on" display so that the time is always visible so try to get it but the price of this type of smartwatch in Bangladesh is a little higher. Some display has touch screens and some non-touch. Touch screen display will make your work easier.

6. Smartwatches sometimes have the feature of calling through SIM so that you can make calls easily. Some has the advantage of making a call by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth; And some smartwatches can only accept and reject calls. Choose what you need because smartwatch will cost more or less because of this feature.

7. Some smartwatches use Android operating system so this type of smartwatch is called Android smart watch.

How much a smartwatch cost in Bangladesh?

The price of smartwatch in Bangladesh starts from 500 Taka which has LCD display, heart rate sensor, oxymeter and various health features. Smartwatch price usually depends on the quality of the health sensor, brand and build quality.

Are all smartwatches waterproof?

Some smart watches are water resistant. In particular, these are very effective, such as swimming. And since it rains a lot in Bangladesh, the waterproof smart watch is effective and it is very necessary especially for children.