Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh 2022

৳ 2,600
2 days ago

What is a smart watch?

A smartwatch is a device like a wristwatch that has a touch screen and some smart facilities. They can also use the much needed apps using various popular operating systems. Current smartwatches also use a variety of important sensors that provide a variety of fitness features. The smartwatches in Bangladesh also known as mobile gori, mobile watch.


What are the benefits of SIM supported smart watch?

These smartwatches often have two main features such as phone calls and text messaging. For this, of course, you can use the SIM of your choice. Usually dual SIM can also be used here. It also allows you to watch videos, browse various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will also get GPS facility in smart watches with SIM support.


What is Android Smart watch?

Since the smartwatch is a computing device, any operating system is used here as well. And all the smartwatches that use the Android operating system are basically called Android smartwatches. And you can install many necessary apps on such smartwatches. You can also install various games specially made for smartwatches.


Is smartwatch waterproof?

Some smart watches are water resistant. In particular, these are very effective, such as swimming. And since it rains a lot in Bangladesh, waterproof smartwatch is effective and it is also very necessary especially for children.