Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh 2024

Smart watch not only a Fashion for young but provides various technological assistance in health for everyone. Smart watch price in Bangladesh is affordable and even the low price smart watch has attractive facility including SPo2, Heartbeat. Remember the pricier model will give accurate health report. Some smartwatch has always-on-display and their price in Bangladesh is not much high. Read more

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Smart Watch Buying in Bangladesh

With the advancement of technology, smart watches have replaced the traditional watches that provide a user with digital watches, medical sensors, health monitoring and other smart features. Smart watches, in particular, are becoming very popular among the youth of Bangladesh due to its advanced technology and low price. Smartwatch in Bangladesh is also commonly known as mobile gori, mobile watch, digital watch, and Android watch.

Can calls be made through Smart Watch?

Many smart watch has a SIM slot so that using the SIM, calls can easily be made through the smart watch. On the other hand, most smart watch has the facility to make calls by connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth. However, some smart watch can only accept and reject calls. So, choose the mobile watch according to your needs as the calling feature makes the smart watch more or less expensive.

What does "Always-On Display" do on Smart Watch?

Some smart watch has an “Always-On Display” feature so these always show the time. Smart watch with "Always-On Display" is slightly more expensive in Bangladesh. However, smart watch with “Always-On Display” consume more battery power.

What are the features and price of Ladies Smart Watch?

Ladies smart watch is basically a type of watch specially designed for women. Ladies smartwatches usually have small faces, thin bands and colorful designs. Moreover, this type of ladies watch has a tracking device that can specifically monitor the health status of women. Nowadays, ladies smart watch is very popular in Bangladesh due to the fact that these is available in designs that suit women's needs, requirements, and personal preferences. However, ladies smartwatch cost the same as regular smartwatch. For example, a good quality ladies smartwatch can be found between 1,500 BDT and 2,000 BDT.

Does the Smart Watch really have an Android operating system?

Smartwatch is not powered by the Android operating system. Generally, Android smart watch refers to smart watch that can connect with devices running Android operating system via Bluetooth. Android Smart Watch price in Bangladesh starts from 900 BDT which includes various smart features.

How high is the price of Touch Watch?

All the smart watch or mobile watch that is available in Bangladesh is known as touch watch because these have a touch screen. However, there are some older model smartwatch that do not have a touch screen. Currently, the price of touch watch in Bangladesh starts from 800 to 1,000 BDT.

Are all smart watches waterproof?

Some smart watches are water resistant. In particular, these are very effective, such as swimming. And since it rains a lot in Bangladesh, the waterproof smart watch is effective and it is very necessary especially for children.

What is the price of smart watch in Bangladesh?

The price of a smart watch usually depends on health sensors, brand and build quality. Smart watch price in Bangladesh starts from 500 BDT that has LCD display, heart rate sensor, oximeter and various health features. Moreover, mobile watch price in Bangladesh starts from 900 BDT which includes SIM slot as well as camera. However, the price of better quality smart watch starts from 1,500 BDT to 2,000 BDT which are waterproof.

What else to know before buying a smart watch?

1. You need to check if the smart watch is compatible with your smartphone otherwise the data cannot be transferred easily. Although most smart watch is compatible with the Android operating system.

2. Make sure the smart watch includes two common medical functions like BP monitoring, SPO2 also known as oximeter. These are often daily life needs.

3. Battery life must be considered before buying a smart watch. Since smartwatch is used throughout the day, the longer the battery life, the easier it will be to use. However, the battery life should be at least 3 days. Remember that cheaper smart watch has shorter battery life.

4. Usually most smart watch come with an extra band so that you can change the band if needed. Also, smart watch band is available to buy separately in the Bangladesh smart watch market.

5. LCD and LED display is quite popular when it comes to smart watch display choices. However, LED displays provide a comparatively clear look. Moreover, some smart watch displays are touch screen and some are non-touch. However, smart watch with touch screen display is more helpful and attractive.

Special functions of smart watch that will change your life

Many functions of smart watch is available on smart phones, but most of the time users want to browse a bit while using common functions on smart phones, thus wasting a lot of time by unnecessary browsing. So, in some cases it is wise to use a smart watch. Details about several special functions of smart watch that can be used to make daily life more dynamic.

Heart Rate Monitor: Several smart watch has a heart rate monitoring system, thus, one can stay health conscious. Moreover, some expensive smart watch has always on heart beat monitoring system so 24/7 heart care is possible.

Habit Tracker: Most smartwatch has a habit tracker function that allows you to easily track the amount of time you spend on daily activities. As a result, time will not be wasted unnecessarily.

Timer: The smart watch has a timer function so you can set a specific time and work according to the target. A timer can even be used to take power naps of 20 to 30 minutes duration.

Alarm: Although alarm is a common feature, but, the smart watch alarm wakes up the user through smooth vibration without any kind of annoying sound.

Message Notification: When the smartwatch is connected to the mobile, important message notifications are displayed on the smart watch and messages can be replied quickly through the smart watch, so there is no need to pick up the mobile and waste time.

Water Consumption Reminder: It is important to drink water in moderation to keep the human body healthy. Many times it is seen that drinking water while working is not in mind. In that case, the smart watch's water consumption function will remind you to drink water through a light vibration after a certain period of time. Currently, several smartwatch include a water consumption function.