Fake Note Detector

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৳ 1,950
18 hours ago
Money Checker TK-2028 Electronic Fake Currency Detector

Ability to detect forged and counterfeit, legal documents, strong and powerful double-UV lights with maximum operation...

৳ 4,450
1 day ago
Powerful Fake Note Detector UV-106M10

Professional ultraviolet light detector, auto on / off sensor, compact and portable design, magnetic detection,...

৳ 4,500
5 hours ago
AD-818 Multifunction Money Detector

Detect fake notes, credit cards, traveller's cheques, fluorescent marks and other document by UV lamp, water mark can...

৳ 1,750
1 day ago
AD-2038 10W Powerful Compact Portable Fake Money Detector

Ad-2038 compact portable fake money detector has powerfull UV light detector, magnetic ink detection sensor,...

৳ 3,500
18 hours ago
Henry AD-2138 Energy Saving Fake Note Detecting Machine

High-precision dual- violet color with fluorescent anti-counterfeit detection, support a variety of foreign currency...

৳ 4,000
3 months ago
AD- 818 UV Lamp Multifunction Fake Money Note Detector

AD- 818 multifunction fake money note detector has UV lamp, detect counterfeit money / stock note / credit cards /...

৳ 550
4 months ago
Fake Note Detector

Suitable for banknotes, stamp checking, 6" UV black fluorescent tube, 4 x "AA" batteries, torch function, can also be...