Baggage Scanner

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৳ 1,875,000
3 days ago
Secuscan AT-5030C Integrated X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Secuscan AT-5030C integrated high quality x-ray baggage scanning machine has tunnel size 500 x 300mm, baggage scanner...

৳ 975,000
2 days ago
Varito BG-X5030 Single Energy X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Varito BG-X5030 baggage scanner has adjustable 0.22 m/s conveyor speed, 500 x 300mm tunnel size, 0.6KW maximum power...

৳ 3,250,000
1 day ago
Secuscan AT-6550B Large Size X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Secuscan AT-6550B large size X-ray baggage scanner has 655 x 550 mm tunnel size, scan baggage up to 65 cm width and...

৳ 3,200,000
2 days ago
Varito BG-8065 Large Size X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Varito BG-8065 heavy-duty baggage scanner has tunnel width 60cm and height 40cm, specifically designed for easy...

৳ 7,500,000
1 day ago
Secuplus SPX-100100DV Dual View X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Secuplus SPX-100100DV dual view X-ray baggage scanner has 1010 x 1005 mm tunnel, 0.20 m/s conveyor speed, 300 mm...

৳ 5,500,000
2 days ago
Varito BG-100100 High Perfection X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Varito BG-100100 large baggage scanner has tunnel size 1000 x 1000mm, 0.22 m/s conveyor speed, 1.5KW power consumption,...

৳ 4,500,000
2 days ago
Varito BG-10080 High Efficiency X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Varito BG-10080 large size baggage scanner has digital signal and processor, energy-saving design, good quality image,...

৳ 1,470,000
2 days ago
Varito BG-6550 Duel Energy X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Varito BG-6550 baggage scanner has adjustable 0.22 m/s conveyor speed, 650 x 500mm tunnel size, 55dB noise level, 42mm...

৳ 3,600,000
1 day ago
Secuplus SPX-6550DV X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Suitable for security inspection of briefcase / hand luggage, postal parcels and other medium packages, powerful image...

৳ 2,455,500
1 day ago
Astrophysics XIS 5878 6-Color Detection Baggage Scanner

Astrophysics XIS 5878 X-ray baggage scanner has 6 color detection, color LCD display, digital control panel, integrated...

৳ 2,225,000
1 day ago
Secuplus SPX-5030 Small Size X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Secuplus SPX-5030 small size X-ray baggage scanner has 50 x 30 cm scan area, 500 x 300 mm tunnel size, 0.22 m/s...

৳ 1,050,000
2 days ago
ZKTeco ZKX5030A High Quality Single Energy X-Ray Generator

Sngle energy X-ray baggage inspection system, 0.20m/s baggage scan speed, up to 120 kg load capacity, 507 x 305 mm...

৳ 1,250,000
3 months ago
ZKTeco ZKX5030A Single Energy X-Ray Baggage Scanner

ZKTeco ZKX5030A single energy X-ray baggage inspection system has 0.20m/s baggage scan speed, 507 x 305 mm tunnel size,...