X-Ray Baggage Scanner Price in Bangladesh

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Baggage Scanner Buying in Bangladesh

Baggage scanner is sophisticated electronic devices used to check the contents of bags and luggage as well as detect any contraband or dangerous items that may pose a threat to public safety. The device uses various technologies including X-ray and advanced imaging systems to create detailed images of the contents of bags, and luggage. This type of device is mainly used for security purposes in airports, various important establishments, shopping malls, and other places. Currently, various brand including Zcodeco, MCD, Secuplus, VRT, Proline, and Astrophysics of baggage scanner is available at affordable price in Bangladesh to ensure public safety and meet international security standards.

What is the benefit of using Baggage scanner?

1. One of the biggest benefits of using baggage scanners is improved security. Using this device, security personnel can easily detect and deal with threats.

2. By using this device, passengers' bags and baggage checking can be completed quickly at airports, shopping malls, and other important places.

3. Baggage scanner is quite accurate and reliable devices that can detect small amounts of items in bags or luggage.

4. Baggage scanner completely reduces the possibility of human-made errors, providing an additional layer of security for travelers and security personnel.

5. Baggage scanner is built with advanced scanning technology to maintain international security standards in connecting business, travel, and tourism networks around the world.

6. Also, the use of baggage scanner at the exit or entry points in shopping malls or businesses reduces the possibility of theft of goods.

How much does the Baggage scanner cost?

Baggage scanner price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 590,000, which can usually capture up to 6,000 images in high resolution. Moreover, baggage scanner price in Bangladesh varies depending on the scanner type, x-ray imaging technology, brand, specifications, and other features. Baggage scanner with advanced X-ray technology, threat detection algorithms, liquid detection, customizable scanning parameters, and fast scanning facilities is available in the budget of Tk 1,200,000 to Tk 4,525,000. Also, baggage scanner with automatic explosive detection systems, high-speed scanning, 3D imaging, customizable scanning parameters, and high data storage capacity tend to be relatively expensive.

What to look for before buying Baggage scanner?

Imaging technology: Baggage scanner is usually equipped with advanced imaging technology such as dual-energy X-ray or computed tomography. This technology provides high detection capability, which helps in the easy detection of prohibited items hidden in luggage.

Scanning Speed: The scanning speed of the baggage scanner should be checked. High throughput baggage ensures efficient scanning, especially in busy environments such as airports.

Image Resolution: The image resolution and clarity of the scanner should be checked. Clear high-resolution images help security personnel identify suspicious items more easily. Also, it needs to be checked if there are technologies like artificial intelligence, which can detect even low-quality images correctly and accurately.

Tunnel Size: When buying a baggage scanner, one must consider the tunnel size, through which bags, luggage, and other items can be scanned easily.

System Integration: Verify that baggage scanners can work seamlessly with security management software, network infrastructure, or other screening equipment used at airports, seaports, or shopping malls.

Storage: Baggage scanners typically store at least 6,000 to more than 20,000 images. Therefore, the storage of image storage must be verified when purchasing a baggage scanner, taking into account the space used for security purposes.

Power consumption: A minimum of 220 volts AC power is required to operate the baggage scanner. Moreover, baggage scanners used in shopping malls and other important establishments consume 1.2kW of power. So power consumption must be considered when purchasing a baggage scanner.

Operator Training and Ease of Use: When purchasing a baggage scanner, check whether operator training is available. Also, a user-friendly interface should be considered which will help the security personnel to operate quickly and effectively.

Maintenance Support: Ensure reliable customer support and servicing facilities to ensure optimal performance of baggage scanner.