Total Station Theodolite Price in Bangladesh

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Total Station Buying in Bangladesh

Total station is a type of electronic device that indicates accurate distance, and angle measurement for land, road, or house construction. Total station is widely used for land surveying and construction projects in Bangladesh. This type of device can be used to measure slope distance, horizontal angle, and vertical angle of an object and can also be connected to a computer to store the data. Theodolite total station is an essential device for accurate land surveying for property ownership, infrastructure development, and disaster management. In addition, Total Station has become an essential tool for professionals working in the engineering, construction, and surveying industries in Bangladesh. Currently, BD has various brands of quality total stations including Sokia, and Kolida.

How many types of total stations are available in Bangladesh?

Different types of total stations are available in Bangladesh. However, among these, the significantly used total stations are:

Scanning Total Station: Scanning total station is designed with laser scanner which can measure multiple points at once. This type of total station is commonly used in BD for large-scale construction projects.

Robotic Total Station: Robotic total station is developed with motorized and remote control system. which allows the user to manage the device remotely. This type of total station is commonly used to check construction layout and stakeout as well as structural movement.

Autolock Total Station: This type of total station is equipped with an automatic targeting system that can quickly and accurately lock onto a prism or target. It is commonly used for land surveying and construction projects where speed and accuracy are important.

Mechanical Total Station: This type of total station has no electronic components and relies on a mechanical system to make measurements. It is available in Bangladesh at an affordable price and is very effective for use in small-scale projects.

What are the benefits of using Total Station?

Total stations provide various facilities in BD for land surveying, construction projects, and other measurement works. Notable benefits are:

  • Total stations can provide accurate distance, angle, and elevation measurements in surveying and engineering projects.
  • Compared to traditional surveys in Bangladesh, total stations can now take measurements much faster, which will reduce time and cost to a great extent.
  • Total station can calculate angles, distances, areas, and volumes as well as generate 3D maps, which will provide improved efficiency to survey projects.
  • Total station can be used in a wide range of fields including land surveying, construction, archeology, and disaster management, making it a popular device among professionals in Bangladesh.
  • Angles and distances can be measured with high accuracy with total station, which is useful for tasks such as construction layout, stakeout, and structural movement monitoring.
  • Modern total station incorporate advanced technologies such as automatic target locking, reflectorless measurement, and electronic data storage, which provide accurate and efficient measurements on projects.

How much is the total station price in Bangladesh?

Currently, total station price in BD is determined based on its type, quality, and features. The total station price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 1,70,000 which includes display, new design, reflect-less, non-prism 1000mts range, lithium battery, upgraded EDM, and Bluetooth technology. Also, as per requirement, other advanced technology total stations are available in Bangladesh which is comparatively more expensive.

What to look for before buying a total station?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right total station for your needs. Important things to consider before buying a total station:

1. Accuracy: Accuracy is a very important factor to consider before purchasing total station as it will affect the accuracy of the measurement. Moreover, total stations with high accuracy ratings should be selected.

2. Range: Total station should be verified with a suitable range for the particular requirement that can measure the maximum distance required.

3. Magnification: Magnification of the telescope will improve the accuracy of the measurements and provide the opportunity to see in detail. Therefore total station with a high magnification factor between 20x and 30x range should be selected.

4. Battery Life: Considering the limitations of accessing power when operating in remote areas, total station battery life is very important to consider. So choose a total station with long battery life that will provide up to several hours of backup on a single charge.

5. Durability: It is important to choose a tough and durable device for working in challenging environments with total stations. Which will usually be water, dust-sand, and shock-proof.

6. Features: Total station currently available in BD has various features including reflectionless measurement, automatic target locking, and electronic data storage. So before buying a total station, you should consider which features are most important for the specific needs.

7. Brand and Budget: Total station should consider brand as well as price. This results in a high-quality total station within the budget.

Taking the above into consideration the total station should be verified which will meet the specific needs as well as provide accurate and reliable measurements.

How to take accurate measurements using a total station?

Proper techniques must be applied in using a total station to obtain accurate measurements. Following are some helpful steps to use Total Station:

  • Step-1: To ensure the total station is properly set up, the tripod should be properly placed and checked if it is level.
  • Step-2: Place the laser plummet to ensure that the total station is positioned above the survey point.
  • Step-3: Ensure that the total station is properly calibrated before taking measurements. which will help in accurate distance measurement by adjusting the horizontal and vertical angles.
  • Step-4: In taking measurements using prisms, proper prisms should be used which should be properly mounted as well as aligned.
  • Step-5: Multiple measurements should be taken from different angles and positions to verify that the measurements are accurate. The result will be helpful in checking the error as well as making the sizes consistent.

Apart from following the above steps, measurements should be taken considering the external weather conditions. Accurate measurements can be obtained using a total station in calm weather.

Why is EDM and EAM technology used in Total Station?

Electronic Distance Measurement provides accurate distance measurement and Electronic Angle Measurement provides precise angle measurement at the total station. Therefore, EDM and EAM technologies provide fast and accurate measurements for total station use in land surveying and other fields. Moreover, this technology enables automation which improves the accuracy of the total station and plays a more effective role than the mechanical total station.