GSM Cutter

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Gsm Cutter German Technology

Gsm cutter German technology. This GSM Cutter is circular fabric sample cutter with which uniform circular fabric is...

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GSM Plastic Wind Fabric Weight Balance Schroder GSM200

Fabric weight balance schroder GSM200 has plastic wind shield housing, maximum 200g x 0.01g / 20,000g/m2 x 1g/m2 / 7 oz...

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GSM Cutter Blade

Common Size :- 43 MM Long 22 MM Wide 0.2 MM Thick COLOUR : YELLOW Terms & Condition: - Delivery: - Within one day...

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GSM Cutter Normal BD

GSM Cutter TERMS & CONDITION:- Minimum order: 4 PC DELIVERY: - Within one day from the date of confirmed work...

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GSM Cutter Blade James H Hill

minimum order-20 pcs no cost free office delivery

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GSM Cutter James h Heal England

GSM cutter James h Heal with blade & pad for textile insdustry.

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Ramp Hydraulic Round GSM Cutter 3 Metal Cutting Wheel

Ramp hydraulic round GSM cutter has single soild machine, 3 metal cutting wheels perfectly synchronized to get precise...

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Schroder GSM Circular Cutter High Quality Blades

Schroder GSM circular cutter has high quality blades, accurately cut out 100cm2 speciment, apply for textile fabric /...

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Hand Press CU-268 Hydraulic Cutter with Round Blade Knife

Hand Press CU-268 hydraulic cutter has stainless steel material, textile testing instrument, manual textile fabric...

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Ramp Round GSM Cutter - Hydraulic Model

Ramp round GSM cutter - hydraulic model.