GSM Cutter Price in Bangladesh

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GSM Cutter Buying in Bangladesh

GSM cutter as well as a weighing scale and a GSM pad is used to determine the GSM of the fabric. GSM cutter is used to determine the quality of fabric as required, especially in the garment industry. GSM cutter is also used to check the quality of fabric. Currently, GSM cutting machine of different brand and quality is available in BDstall at relatively low price.

How many type of GSM cutter is used in Bangladesh?

There are basically two types of GSM cutters used in Bangladesh. Details about types of GSM cutter:

Circle GSM Cutter: This type of GSM cutter is called Circle GSM Cutter as it looks like a disk. This GSM cutter is also widely known as a round GSM cutter. Multiple SS blades can be used with Circle GSM Cutter Machine. And, circle GSM cutter of different sizes and features for different types of fabric as per requirement, is available in Bangladesh. Circle GSM cutters are relatively low in price.

Hydraulic GSM Cutter: Hydraulic GSM cutters are comparatively larger in size. The hydraulic GSM cutter has a separate handle for quick collection of fabric samples. Using this type of GSM cutter, more fabric samples can be collected in less time. The price of a hydraulic GSM cutter is relatively high.

Also, automatic GSM cutter is used to facilitate work in some industrial establishments in Bangladesh. However, the cost of automatic GSM cutter is comparatively the highest.

What is the price of GSM cutter in Bangladesh?

Currently, GSM cutter price is determined based on quality, cutting area, and cutting thickness. GSM cutter price in Bangladesh starts from TK 2,800 which is suitable for collecting 100 square cm samples and comes with a rubber pad. Moreover, hydraulic GSM cutter machine price in Bangladesh starts from TK 22,000 which can collect fabric samples from 0.1mm to 10mm thickness. GSM cutting machines available in Bangladesh from low to high price as per requirement.

What else to look for before buying GSM cutter?

GSM cutters are used in the garment industry to determine the specific quality of fabric and to control the specific quality of fabric. So, there are some things you must know before buying a GSM cutter. Detail is mentioned:

1. Type: The type of GSM cutter should be selected according to the budget and requirements. Generally, two types of GSM cutters are used in Bangladesh: circle GSM cutter and hydraulic GSM cutter. So, select the suitable type of GSM cutter for yourself.

2. Cutting Area: Before buying a GSM cutting machine you need to consider its cutting area. Generally, the cutting area of GSM cutting machines is 45 to 100 square cm. How much fabric can be sampled depends on the cutting area of this machine. Therefore, GSM cutter should be selected considering the cutting area as per requirement.

3. Cutting Thickness: The cutting thickness of a GSM cutting machine depends on the maximum thickness of fabric the machine can cut and sample. Generally, the ideal cutting thickness of GSM is 0.1mm to 10mm. Therefore, before buying a GSM cutting machine, its cutting thickness should be considered.

4. Cutter Blade: GSM cutters vary in blade diameter depending on requirements. Moreover, many GSM cutters can use multiple SS blades to easily collect samples from the fabric. Therefore, GSM cutters with specific blade diameters should be selected according to requirements or GSM cutters that can use multiple SS blades simultaneously should be selected according to the application.

5. Built Material: GSM cutters are generally made of materials such as aluminum, steel, etc. So, before buying a GSM cutter, you must consider its price and the material it is made of.

Overall, consideration of certain factors can select the suitable GSM cutter for any garment or industrial establishment.