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2 days ago
Orbital Mechanical Shaker

Designed for continuous-operation orbital shaking, suitable for carrying heavy duty, maintenance-free induction...

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16 hours ago
Stainless Steel Cut Resistant Mesh Safety Glove

Stainless steel cut resistant mesh safety glove. 5 finger glove of 1 hand (left hand). Made In USA.

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1 day ago
Nastah FLO2813 Rubber Hand Gloves

Nastah FLO2813 rubber hand gloves has natural rubber material, cotton flocklined type, approx. 330mm length. EN...

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2 days ago
Shrinkage Template and Scale

Shrinkage template and scale.

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2 days ago
Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Glove

Stainless steel mesh cut resistant gloves. This glove provides maximum protection against cut injuries while chopping...

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2 days ago
SDC Grey Scale for Change in Color

SDCE 3305 grey scale for change in color. The grey scale consists of nine pairs of non-glossy neutral grey colored...

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Ruber Hand Gloves

industrial rubber hand gloves origin-china per pcs-75 taka minimum order- three dorgon Terms & Condition:...

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Khushi Engineers Standard Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

Khushi Engineers hydraulic hand pallet truck has high efficiency, safety, standard capacities 1000 Kg / 1500 Kg / 2000...

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1 month ago
Dust Filter

Dust filter for industry.

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1 day ago
Industrial Magnetic Floor Sweeper

Large rolling floor sweeper magnet, magnetic push brooms, removable magnet, magnetic floor sweeper, rolling.