Textile Accessories

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10 days ago
Dust Proof Ear Plug

Dust proof ear plug is necessary for winding operator, jacquard machine operator, hydra extractor operator, dust...

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22 days ago
Shrinkage Scale (Local)

Shrinkage Scale(Local)25cm x 25cm: To determine directly the % dimensional change (shrinkage) in all types of fabrics....

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11 days ago
Nastah FLO2813 Rubber Hand Gloves

Nastah FLO2813 rubber hand gloves has natural rubber material, cotton flocklined type, approx. 330mm length. EN...

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5 days ago
Safety Helmet

Plastic Made Safety Helmet for construction, factory, workshop, fire fighting etc.

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4 days ago
Graden Zipper Puller Fancy Logo

Graden zipper puller fancy or logo.

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2 days ago
TPR Marabu Pad Printing Ink

TPR marabu pad printing ink has high opacity on colored and dark materials, very good resistance to washing and ironing.

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22 days ago
Metal Detector Ferrous Card

Available in Ferrous, Non-Ferrous test card that is used metal Detector. Range is 1.00~ 1.2 mm wit special sheres sizes...

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3 days ago
Khushi Engineers Standard Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

Khushi Engineers hydraulic hand pallet truck has high efficiency, safety, standard capacities 1000 Kg / 1500 Kg / 2000...

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9 days ago
Industrial Chemical Hand Gloves

Industrial chemical hand gloves.

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22 days ago
Noise Meter/Sound Assessment Meter

Digital Sound Meter features both A and C weighting which makes it ideal for OSHA regulatory testing, law enforcement...