Textile Accessories

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৳ 550
3 days ago
Safety Helmet

Plastic Made Safety Helmet for construction, factory, workshop, fire fighting etc.

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2 hours ago
Textile Permanent Marker Classic

origin-india weight-65gm minimum order-50 pcs delivery within one day confirm the order

৳ 5,500
6 hours ago
Stainless Steel Gloves Whiting Davis of France

Stainless steel gloves, whiting Davis of France , 5 finger, original steel.

৳ 172
4 hours ago
Nastah FLO2813 Rubber Hand Gloves

Nastah FLO2813 rubber hand gloves has natural rubber material, cotton flocklined type, approx. 330mm length. EN...

৳ 125,500
3 days ago
Orbital Mechanical Shaker

Designed for continuous-operation orbital shaking, suitable for carrying heavy duty, maintenance-free induction...

৳ 70,000
moment ago
Nexus CE-850 Professional Cutting Plotter

Professional sticker cutter plotter, easy to use, 34 inch vinyl cutter.

৳ 9,000
3 days ago
SDC Grey Scale for Change in Color

SDCE 3305 grey scale for change in color. The grey scale consists of nine pairs of non-glossy neutral grey colored...

৳ 54,000
3 days ago
Fabric Sample Swatch Cutter Machine

Sample swatch cutter machine precision laser light, hand operated drive, long life alloy steel rotary knife, easy to...

৳ 55,000
2 hours ago
Ramp Swatch Cutter

Ramp swatch cutter, precision laser light, long life alloy steel rotary knife, easy to set up & store, double sided...

৳ 450
3 days ago
Ramp High Quality Special GSM Cutting Pad

Ramp special GSM cutting pad, high quality made and India origin.

৳ 1,000
6 hours ago
Pick Counter

Pick counter 30c magnifier with lamp & indicator. 1 Square inch. Made in Taiwan.

৳ 310,000
6 hours ago
Electrolux TD6-6 Professional Industrial 130L Tumble Dryer

Professional tumble dryer, up to 6 kg dry weight capacity, 130 liters drum volume, high speed spin, electric heating,...

৳ 145,000
2 hours ago
Electric Wrap Reel HTY-010 Stepless Speed Regulating

Electric wrap reel HTY-010 has stepless speed regulating, 1000 mm reel circumference, 35 mm +/-0.5 mm traveling...

৳ 1,590
4 hours ago
Civet Barton Leather Safety Shoe

Civet safety shoe has barton leather, black and synthetic cambrelle lining, removable polyamide on EVA, injected ingle...

৳ 4,500
3 days ago
Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Glove

Stainless steel mesh cut resistant gloves. This glove provides maximum protection against cut injuries while chopping...

৳ 1,150
3 days ago
Industrial 3M Ear Muff

Industrial 3M ear muff.

৳ 1,950
3 days ago
Full Body Safety Belt with Dorsal D-Ring and Extended Loop

Full body safety belt has one dorsal D-Ring with extended loop, easy to attach the webbing loop in the backto rescue a...

৳ 36,500
3 days ago
Shrinkage Template and Scale

Shrinkage template and scale.

৳ 48
3 days ago
Blitz Paint Ink Roller

Blitz paint roller for Blitz labeler has 5pcs in a blister, fits for Flash P5, Flash P6, Flash C6, Flash C8, Flash C10,...

৳ 750
3 days ago
Electrical Gloves for 11KV and 15KV

Electrical gloves for 11KV and 15KV.