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৳ 60
2 days ago
Chemical Hand Gloves

Chemical hand gloves made in china. Ideal for acid and 9" oil resistance.

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8 hours ago
Ruber Hand Gloves

industrial rubber hand gloves origin-china per pcs-75 taka minimum order- three dorgon Terms & Condition:...

৳ 1,950
1 day ago
Full Body Safety Belt with Dorsal D-Ring and Extended Loop

Full body safety belt has one dorsal D-Ring with extended loop, easy to attach the webbing loop in the backto rescue a...

৳ 17,060
8 hours ago
Nastah FLO2813 Rubber Hand Gloves

Nastah FLO2813 rubber hand gloves has natural rubber material, cotton flocklined type, approx. 330mm length. EN...

৳ 5,500
3 days ago
Stainless Steel Gloves Whiting Davis of France

Stainless steel gloves, whiting Davis of France , 5 finger, original steel.

৳ 450
11 days ago
Dust Filter

Dust filter for industry.

৳ 8,560
8 hours ago
Four Wheel Industrial Trolley

Industrial trolley has 4 wheel, 500 kg weight, 24 x 36 inch dimensions.

৳ 1,200
2 days ago
Solex Safety Shoe

Ideal for oil and acid resistance. This Solex safety shoe will protect your feet from any dangerous substances.

৳ 75
8 hours ago
Textile Permanent Marker Classic

origin-india weight-65gm minimum order-50 pcs delivery within one day confirm the order

৳ 140
3 days ago
Hand Guard 9-Inch Gloves

Rubber material, 9 inch gloves with high quality chemical resistant.

৳ 550
1 day ago
Safety Helmet

Plastic Made Safety Helmet for construction, factory, workshop, fire fighting etc.

৳ 145,000
9 hours ago
Electric Wrap Reel HTY-010 Stepless Speed Regulating

Electric wrap reel HTY-010 has stepless speed regulating, 1000 mm reel circumference, 35 mm +/-0.5 mm traveling...

৳ 1,150
1 day ago
Industrial 3M Ear Muff

Industrial 3M ear muff.

৳ 40
2 days ago
Industrial 3M Ear Plug

Industrial 3M air plug for ear safety and noise reduction.

৳ 3,500
9 hours ago
Stainless Steel Cut Resistant Mesh Safety Glove

Stainless steel cut resistant mesh safety glove. 5 finger glove of 1 hand (left hand). Made In USA.

৳ 9,000
1 day ago
SDC Grey Scale for Change in Color

SDCE 3305 grey scale for change in color. The grey scale consists of nine pairs of non-glossy neutral grey colored...

৳ 4,500
1 day ago
Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Glove

Stainless steel mesh cut resistant gloves. This glove provides maximum protection against cut injuries while chopping...

৳ 100
9 hours ago
3M Ear Plug

3M ear plug for noise reduction and ear safety.

৳ 310,000
1 day ago
Electrolux TD6-6 Professional Industrial 130L Tumble Dryer

Professional tumble dryer, up to 6 kg dry weight capacity, 130 liters drum volume, high speed spin, electric heating,...

৳ 470
14 days ago
Unicare OTS Anti Fog Glass Heavy Duty Inclination System

Unicare OTS anti fog glass has integral and lateral protection, heavy duty anti fog glass inclination system, anti...