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৳ 2,900
16 days ago
Trendnet TU3-ETG 2 Gbps USB to Gigabit Ethernet LAN Adapter

Trendnet TU3-ETG USB to gigabit ethernet adapter / card has compact energy efficient design, add gigabit ethernet port...

৳ 280
2 days ago
Wireless N 150Mbps Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Nano Adapter

Wireless N nano adapter has 150Mbps data transmission rate, IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards, USB 2.0 interface.

৳ 530
2 days ago
Wireless N 300Mbps USB LAN Card with Antenna / CD Driver

Wireless N USB LAN card has up to 300Mbps data transmission rate, complies with IEEE 802.11n / IEEE 802.11g / IEEE...

৳ 2,000
16 days ago
Trendnet TEG-PCITXR 2000 Mbps Gigabit Speed PCI LAN Adapter

Trendnet TEG-PCITXR gigabit PCI adapter / card has 2000 Mbps speed in full-duplex mode, supports IEEE 802.1Q VLAN...

৳ 1,800
16 days ago
Trendnet TU2-ET100 USB to Ethernet 10/100 Mbps LAN Card

Trendnet TU2-ET100 USB adapter / card has 10/100 Mbps speed, connect laptop or PC at fast ethernet speeds, quickly...

৳ 350
2 days ago
Mini Portable 150Mbps USB Wireless Transmission LAN Adapter

Mini portable LAN adapter has 150Mbps wireless transmission rate with antenna, MIMO / CCA technology, complies with...

৳ 900
1 day ago
D-Link DWA-131 Wireless N USB 2.0 Nano Adapter

D-Link DWA-131 wireless nano adapter has wireless N300 technology, USB 2.0 nano adapter interface, nano form factor,...

৳ 1,200
3 months ago
Wavlink WL-WN682A1 AC600Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter

Wavlink WL-WN682A1 AC600Mbps wireless mini USB adapter has blazing fast wireless data transmission rates to a wireless...

৳ 750
4 months ago
TP-Link USB Wireless Network LAN Card Adapter TL-WN727N

TP Link USB wireless network LAN card adapter TL-WN727N has 150 Mbps speed, quick and hassle free installation, ideal...