WiFi Adapter, WiFi Receiver Price in Bangladesh

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WiFi Adapter Buying in Bangladesh

Network LAN card is the most modern electronic device nowadays with the help of which WiFi facility or cable networking facility can be enjoyed. Network LAN cards are used in different areas at different times. The main function of a LAN card is to connect devices like computers, laptops etc. to the network. In BD, its wired medium is called network LAN card and wireless medium is also known as WiFi adapter or WiFi receiver.

How many types of network LAN cards?

Network LAN card and WiFi receiver are similar in terms of function but different in terms of usage. One is the internal adapter and is wired and the other is the external adapter and works via WiFi.

How does a network LAN card work?

Wired LAN cards usually work with RJ45 ports and are great for gaming because the latency is very low. And it is very economical in terms of price. Most newer model computers have it built-in. However, many older models do not have this feature, so it is required.

WiFi adapters or WiFi receivers are commonly used in computers or laptops because they do not require cables. Many computers or laptops do not have a direct WiFi connection so WiFi cannot be used. However, by installing WiFi adapter or WiFi receiver internally or externally, WiFi facilities are available very easily. Internal WiFi adapters are commonly used in PCs. On the other hand, external WiFi adapters need to be connected to a specific port on the PC or laptop.

How much does WiFi adapter cost in BD?

BD Wi-Fi adapter prices start at just Tk 315 but good quality LAN cards are available for more than Tk 10,000. The low cost adapter is a portable WiFi adapter. Being an external WiFi adapter, it is operated with the help of the USB connectivity of a computer or laptop. BD also has a variety of WiFi adapters or WiFi receivers that are priced depending on port, speed, technology, internal or external, and other features.

How to connect the WiFi receiver?

WiFi receivers are usually of two types of ports and can be easily connected with them such as:

  • USB port
  • PCI port

WiFi receivers with USB ports are mostly portable and those with PCI ports or PCI Express ports are internal.

Can WiFi receivers increase WiFi range?

A WiFi receiver can extend the WiFi range so it is often used outdoors. It is well known that a router has a certain range but a WiFi receiver adds antennas to the router to further extend its range. With this antenna, a WiFi receiver can keep the WiFi network active from a distance of 10 meters or more.