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Cutting Plotter Buying in Bangladesh

Cutting plotter is a type of computer-controlled device used to precisely cut a variety of materials including vinyl, paper, cardstock, and fabric. Moreover, it has gained immense popularity in Bangladesh due to its efficient and effective role in creating complex designs, logos, and signage in various industries including advertising, fashion, and handicrafts. Currently, various Chinese brand including Wyinghe, Silhouette, and Tenet cutting plotter is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh with advanced technology.

Type of Cutting Plotter

Vinyl Cutting Plotter: This type of cutting plotter is specially designed for cutting vinyl sheets. It is widely used in the sign-making and advertising industry. A vinyl cutting plotter can cut different designs consistently through software.

Flatbed Cutting Plotter: Flatbed cutting plotter is a versatile machine that can cut various materials including foam board, cardboard, and thin plastics. This type of cutting plotter is generally suitable for use in applications such as crafting, packaging, and prototyping.

Laser Cutting Plotter: Laser cutting plotter typically uses high-powered laser beams to cut materials such as acrylic, wood, and fabric. This type of cutting plotter can cut precise and complex designs as well, which is quite popular in Bangladesh for fashion design, signage, and woodworking applications.

Advantage of using Cutting Plotter

1. Cutting plotter is usually designed with fairly strong and sharp blades, which can be easily controlled with computer software. As a result, any design can easily be accurately cut as per choice and demand.

2. Cutting plotter can handle a variety of materials, including vinyl, which is commonly used for signage and decals. Also, can cut paper, cardstock, fabric, and other thin materials.

3. Any designs, logos, and letters can be designed in different shapes and sizes with the help of cutting plotter.

4. Moreover, the cutting plotter helps to complete the production process quickly and efficiently to fulfill the high volume orders in a quick time.

5. In the Textile industry, cutting plotter helps designers to cut patterns and designs of fabrics in various designs.

6. Also, cutting plotter can be used to design custom stickers, scrapbooking, card making as well as home decor items.

Cutting Plotter price

Plotter machine price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 41,000, which has a dual monitor system and is suitable for cutting customized stickers. Moreover, the price of cutting plotter in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, model, specification, and other features. Also, cutting plotter with high-powered motors and advanced technology starts at Tk 80,000 and can cut a variety of designs including paper, vinyl sheets, and mobile stickers.

Best Cutting Plotter Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Cutting Plotter Model Price in BD
Silhouette Cameo 4 Blade ৳ 2,900
Yinghe 1351c Cutting Plotter Machine ৳ 80,000
Yinghe YH-1200G Cutting Plotter Machine ৳ 85,000
Teneth TH740L Wi-Fi USB 500m/s Speed Vinyl Cutting Plotter ৳ 80,000