Hair Straightener Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Hair Straightener Buying in Bangladesh

Nowadays, whether hair is short or long, keeping it straight has become a fashion for women. Hair straightener is very important for taking care of curly hair for women. Hair straightener is basically a modern device to straighten curly or crooked hair by converting electrical energy into heat energy through the straightener. Hair straightener is used not only to straighten curly hair but also to style straight hair with curls. Hair straightener is a daily companion among other items used by women nowadays. Currently, there are various types of hair straighteners made by Walton, Panasonic, Philips, Kemei, and various Chinese brands available in Bangladesh.

How many types of hair straightener available in Bangladesh?

Straightener is mainly used through electricity. However, there are different types of hair straighteners based on the design, sensor, plate variation in the straightener. Moreover, based on the usage, the hair straighteners available in Bangladesh can be mainly divided into two categories.

Flat Hair Straightener: Flat hair straightener is basically a pair of tweezers with two flat ceramic or metal heated plates. Flat straighteners temporarily straighten curly or kinky hair by applying heat to the hair shaft. To straighten the hair, the straightener should be used from the top of the scalp to the ends of the hair. The process is repeated until the entire hair is straightened. Moreover, flat hair straightener makes the hair much smoother besides straightening it.

Brush hair straighteners: Brush hair straightener look like other paddle brushes and slightly larger. Brush straightener has an electrical cord at the end of the handle. As a result, curly and crooked hair can be straightened due to electric heat besides curling the hair. By using this type of straightener, the heat is evenly distributed to the hair, resulting in faster straightening.

What to look for before buying a hair straightener?

Before buying a hair straightener, it is important to have an idea about the sensor of the hair straightener, type of straightener plate, size, temperature range, heating time, power consumption, etc. Also, hair straightener should be bought based on the hair texture and whether it is curly or not.

Sensors: Different types of sensors are added to the hair straightener as per the requirement. Hair straighteners usually use temperature and pressure or humidity control sensors. Moreover, many hair straightener today is equipped with touch sensors so that the temperature can be controlled and turned on or off by touch.

Types of Plates: There are different types of plates for hair straighteners, resulting in differences in the quality of the straighteners and also in prices. Hair straighteners mainly use ceramic, tourmaline ceramic, titanium, and aluminum plates. Therefore, the use of these materials in plates in straighteners results in a time difference between temperature rise and fall and varies in quality. Moreover, hair moisture and straightening durability depend on the use of straighteners. So before buying a hair straightener one should pay special attention to the plate of the straightener.

Plate Size: The plate size should be selected according to the density and length of the hair. Because a hair straightener with a slightly wider plate is better for longer hair and the hair can be straightened in less time. Thin plate hair straightener is suitable for thin or relatively short hair.

Temperature Range: The right temperature should be selected for the straightener according to the type of hair. Hair is usually thin, medium, and thick or very thick so hair straighteners should be used at specific temperatures according to hair thickness. So for thin hair, 120-140 degrees, for medium hair 160-180 degrees and for thick curly hair 180-220 degrees Celsius should be used in the hair straightener. So before taking the hair straightener you should know the temperature range of the straightener.

Heat-Up Time: Usually, the hair straightener heats up within 30 seconds maximum after switching on. Moreover, currently, some hair straighteners are equipped with an automatic shut-off sensor every 30 minutes or 1 hour, thus preventing damage due to carelessness. However, the correct temperature should be selected before using the hair straightener on the hair.

Precautions in Using Hair Straightener

  • Avoid using hair straighteners at excessively hot temperatures
  • Switch off the hair straightener after use
  • Do not leave the hair straightener running after use
  • Store the hair straightener in a designated place after the plates have cooled down after use
  • Keep hair straighteners out of reach of children
  • Keep the hair straightener away from contact with water and liquid

How much is the price of hair straightener in Bangladesh?

Hair straightener price in Bangladesh starts from TK 350 to TK 500 depending on the design, size, sensor, type, and brand of the straightener. High-quality hair straighteners are available for personal use under TK 2,000. However, the price of hair straightener with touch LED, automatic temperature control, and hair color protection starts from 3800 taka.