TV Card Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Converting any ordinary monitor into a television is now very easy with the help of a TV card. If the cable TV is connected to the cable jack port in the TV card, the normal monitor in the room will become a television. So now TV cards are quite popular in Bangladesh and available at relatively low prices.

What is the price of TV card in Bangladesh?

TV card prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 1,300 to Tk 1,900 which can be used with any LED, LCD or CRT monitor and these TV cards are now very smart. These smart TV card provide various benefits starting from auto scan of channels. But the price of the TV card depends on its picture quality.

What port does the TV card have?

TV card has various ports like VGA, USB, Audio.

VGA: Most monitors are powered by a VGA port. In that case, the monitor can be connected to the TV card with the help of VGA port.

USB: Many TV cards these days have USB ports. They are small in size. USB TV cards are also called TV sticks. These are suitable for monitors with USB ports.

Audio: TV card has audio port. It can be connected to the speaker. If more sound is needed, any speaker can be connected through this port.

What is the resolution of the TV card?

The TV cards available in Bangladesh are usually in HD Plus resolution. So good quality pictures or videos can be seen on a normal monitor.

What benefits are available with the TV card?

Speakers: Some TV cards have built-in speakers, so you don't have to buy them separately. But these are normal quality speakers. As a result, even if there is no speaker in the monitor, the audio can be heard through the speaker of the TV card. If the monitor does not have speakers, it is better to buy a TV card that has speakers.

Remote: Channel change, audio volume, brightness, contrast, color and many more can be changed with the help of remote. The monitor can be controlled at your convenience with the help of the remote.

Radio: The TV card has a radio feature with which various data can be accessed in a very short time.

Recording: Some TV cards have an option called recording system which helps to record favorite TV programs. Many times favorite programs are missed due to busy schedule. But having a recording feature makes it easy to record the entire program. At leisure it can be seen by running the program again.