Kitchen Hood Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Kitchen Hood Buying in Bangladesh

Kitchen hood is a type of device that is set up over a kitchen stove or cooktop to remove smoke, steam, odors, and other airborne particles from the stove used during cooking. In BD, the kitchen hood is also called the range hood or exhaust hood. A kitchen hood is mainly made up of a fan and an air filter system. It pulls the kitchen air outside the house as well as filters the air to maintain a fresh and healthy environment in the kitchen. The use of kitchen hoods is very effective in improving air quality, reducing the risk of fire and other hazards and has become very popular among consumers in Bangladesh.

How many type of kitchen hood available in Bangladesh?

There are different type of kitchen hoods depending on the needs, kitchen size, and budget. Currently, various types of kitchen hoods are available:

Wall-Mounted Hood: A wall-mounted hood can be attached to the kitchen wall or to the upper wall along the stove. Which will easily ventilate the kitchen.

Under Cabinet Hood: This type of hood can be mounted under the cabinets above the kitchen or stove and helps to ventilate the kitchen.

Island Hood: The island hood should be hung from the ceiling above the central kitchen stove. Which will basically help to keep the kitchen air normal to a large extent.

Downdraft Hood: This type of hood can be installed behind or to the side of the stove to help vent smoke and steam outside the home. It also helps keep the air in the kitchen safe and odour free by filtering the air.

Ductless Hood: Ductless hood can be used as a filter to clean the air. This type of hood will purify and recirculate the air into the kitchen instead of venting it outside.

What is the price of kitchen hood in Bangladesh?

Kitchen hood price in BD vary depending on the brand, size, and technical difference of the hood. Currently, kitchen hood price in Bangladesh start from TK 8,000 which are small in size, wall mounted, and have airflow. Besides, kitchen hood with an attractive design, advanced airflow system, and cutting-edge technology price start from TK 18,000. But the price of the ductless hood for the kitchen is relatively high.

What are the benefits of kitchen hood?

Kitchen hood is an important device to keep the kitchen environment fresh, healthy, and hazard-free. Benefits of using a kitchen hood:

  • A kitchen hood will essentially provide a quality and healthy environment by removing smoke, steam, cooking odours and other airborne particles.
  • Polluted air caused by cooking has the potential to spoil the environment of the kitchen as well as the entire house, flat or restaurant. In this case, the hood in the kitchen will help to keep the kitchen air odour free by filtering the polluted air.
  • Cooking can cause grease or other flammable substances to build up in the air and prevent condensation on kitchen walls. Consequently, removing these substances from the air will greatly reduce the risk of kitchen fire.
  • Cooking generates a lot of heat and steam in the kitchen making it uncomfortable to stay in. So using a kitchen hood will help remove excess heat and humidity and create a comfortable environment in the kitchen.
  • The smoke, steam or oil produced during cooking accumulates on the cabinets and walls, which become difficult to clean. In this case, the use of a hood in the kitchen reduces the amount of combustible materials accumulated on the wall.

What to look for before buying a kitchen hood?

There are several factors to consider before buying to choose the right kitchen hood as per the requirement.

1. Size: The kitchen hood should be selected considering the size of the stove. Also, the hood should be at the right height to effectively capture smoke and vapor.

2. Type of Hood: Various type of kitchen hood including wall-mounted, under-cabinet, downdraft, etc. are currently available in Bangladesh. So one should choose the type of hood that will harmonize with the layout of the kitchen.

3. Suction Power: Ensure adequate suction power to effectively remove smoke, steam and cooking odors from the air. Suction power is basically measured in cubic feet per minute so the higher the CFM the more powerful the kitchen hood.

4. Noise Reduction Level: Before buying a kitchen hood, one must check the noise reduction level of the hood. And in this case, a kitchen hood with a low decibel rating should be selected.

5. Filter Type: Choose a kitchen hood with filters that are easy to clean and maintain. Because some kitchen hoods have disposable filters and some hoods have disposable filters that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. So, before buying, one needs to know about the filter of the kitchen hood.

6. Design: Kitchen hood is mainly made of stainless steel, glass or wood in different designs. So one should choose the type of kitchen hood that matches the kitchen environment and furniture.