Grass Cutting Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Almost most people in Bangladesh want to have a beautiful garden. But after gardening, some weeds or excess grass spoil the beauty of the garden. So lawn mowers play an important role in keeping the garden beautiful and tidy. Also, these machines can be seen in various playgrounds in Bangladesh for additional grass cutting. These lawn mowers used for personal use or social work are now seen a lot. The price of grass cutting machine in Bangladesh is very cheap.

What are the benefits of lawn mowers?

1. Lawn mowers have a special contribution to keep the favorite garden tidy.

2. Various weeds or excessive grasses make the soil soggy, thereby reducing soil fertility. At this time, the excess grass can be easily removed using a lawn mower.

3. Grass cutting machine can easily cut grass, hay, etc. to collect fodder for various livestock. As a result, farmers can significantly reduce the cost of animal feed.

4. Lawn mowers reduce both labor and time.

5. Unemployment can be eliminated by trading in lawn mowers.

6. Grass cutting machines of various engines are available in Bangladesh, so the desired grass cutting machine can be selected depending on the location.

How much is the price of grass cutting machine in Bangladesh?

The prices of grass cutting machine in Bangladesh start from just Tk 8,500. It is operated manually. It has 5 metal blades which help in cutting the grass. In addition, there are different technologies of grass cutting machines in the market of Bangladesh. The prices of grass cutting machine depend on their features.

Does the lawnmower need more oil?

Two technology lawn mowers are available in Bangladesh with oil and without oil and they are also quite cheap in price. However, oil powered lawn mowers run on less oil. The cost of lawn mowers which consume only 600 ml per hour or less are very cheap and they are available in Bangladesh market.

How to choose a good quality grass cutting machine?

1. Choose a grass cutting machine that is powerful enough for the amount of space you plan to clear of weeds or excess grass.

2. It is important to buy a lawn mower that can be used for a long time for commercial use.

3. Find out what the mower is made of and see if there are any special service switches on the handlebars. Most lawn mowers come with special buttons for some additional services.

4. Find out more about how long the preferred lawn mower can last.

5. Low vibration mowers are better.

6. A better cut that can be easily controlled will also save time.

7. Check whether the mower comes with all the necessary accessories and cutting tools.

Best Grass Cutting Machine Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Grass Cutting Machine Model Price in BD
Hand Wood Brush Cutting Machine ৳ 14,000
Grass cutting Machine For Lawn And Garden ৳ 6,500
Petrol Lawn Mower ৳ 35,000
Honda GXV-160 Petrol Lawn Mower ৳ 80,000
Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower ৳ 10,000
Mechanical Lawn Mower ৳ 12,500
4-In-1 Gasoline Wheel Brush Cutter Machine ৳ 20,000
Manual Lawn Mower ৳ 9,500
Sunsail BG430 Backpack Brush Cutter ৳ 18,000
1e40F-5 Backpack Brush Cutter ৳ 14,000