Thermal Paper Roll Price in Bangladesh

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Thermal Paper Roll Buying in Bangladesh

A thermal paper roll is a special type of paper made of chemical material that easily changes color when exposed to heat without the need for ink or toner cartridges to complete the required print. Thermal paper roll is widely used in Bangladesh for printing receipts, challans, tickets, and other documents. Thermal paper roll is commonly available in a variety of sizes, including pos system rolls, printer rolls, and thermal sticker paper rolls. Also in BD, this type of roll is commonly used in cash registers, point-of-sale systems, shipping labels, and other retail environments. Hence high-quality thermal paper is now available in Bangladesh to keep up with the growing demand.

What is the price of thermal paper in BD?

Thermal paper prices in Bangladesh vary depending on the paper type, size, and quantity. Generally, high-quality pos thermal paper roll price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 27 which is white in color, 58 x 37mm in size, and made in glossy finish. At present, the price of thermal paper in BD for printing barcode level stickers is around TK 90 per roll which consists of 1.5 to 3-inch core size, semi-gloss paper, and 1000-piece paper. Also, thermal paper rolls of small and large sizes are available in Bangladesh, including 75 x 100, 100 x 60, and 100 x 150 mm, which vary in price.

What to look for before buying thermal paper rolls?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing thermal paper rolls to select the right thermal paper for needs. The salient features of thermal paper are:

Size: Thermal paper roll is available in different sizes so it is important to choose the right size paper for the printer or device.

Quality: Good quality thermal paper should be selected to get clear and legible prints besides being fade and wash resistant.

Coating: High-quality coatings such as top-coated thermal sticker paper should be selected to provide additional protection against fading and smudges.

Durability: Documents printed in high temperature or humidity will be stored on thermal paper for a long time. A durable printer roll should be considered.

Quantity: Besides considering the quantity of thermal paper as per requirement, it should be checked whether bulk discount or wholesale price is available in BD.

Compatibility: Check the specifications of the printer or device to ensure that the pos paper roll will be compatible with the printer or device being used. Also, check whether the thermal paper will be in the right condition in the heat of the printer.

Supplier: Before purchasing thermal paper roll, one must get an idea about the supplier. Then get high-quality thermal paper rolls as well as good customer service and affordable prices.

By considering the above factors, one can choose the right thermal paper roll for the requirement, which will provide durable and long-lasting label prints.

What size of thermal paper is available in Bangladesh?

Thermal paper is commonly used in Bangladesh for printing receipts, challans, tickets, and other cases. 80mm x 80mm thermal paper is most commonly available in BD, which is called the "standard size" for thermal paper. This size paper is widely used in Bangladesh mainly for printing point-of-sale system, ATM, and other transaction information. BD also offers thermal paper in other sizes including 57mm x 50mm or 57mm x 30mm handheld receipt printers and larger sizes including 110mm x 80mm depending on the user's specific needs.

Which is better for using thermal paper wax or resin or wax resin ribbon?

Wax, resin, or wax-resin ribbons are used to print on thermal paper. However, these ribbons offer different benefits depending on the specific application and quality of the desired print. Wax Ribbon is suitable for printing on uncoated or matte-coated paper labels. However, it does not provide high durability or resistance to heat, moisture, or abrasion for printing text or barcodes. Resin ribbons are mainly used to make synthetic labels such as asset tags, chemical drum labels, or medical labels. In addition, wax resin ribbons can be used to print almost any type of label, including paper and synthetic labels. However, depending on the scope of work and facilities, the price of ribbon in BD is more or less. So it is better to choose a high-quality ribbon considering the scope of work in case of thermal paper printing.