Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Science invented the washing machine a long time ago to make the task of washing clothes easier. But nowadays it is being added with various modern features which provide some more special benefits. And for these benefits, the number of washing machine users in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Various brands are constantly releasing new washing machines in the Bangladeshi market.

What are the benefits of washing machines?

Nowadays, every brand is adding new features to their washing machines. Below are the advantages of washing machine:

1. With the help of washing machine, many clothes can be washed together in a very short time. It saves a lot of time.

2. After reaching a certain age, most of the women in Bangladesh experience pain in different parts of the body, especially in massage. The main cause of this problem is sitting in one place for hours. So washing machine should be used to take care of human body. Because the washing machine can wash the clothes by itself, there is no need to sit for hours. As a result, the body is healthy.
3. Some models of current washing machines in Bangladesh can wash and dry clothes. As a result, there is no need to waste time drying clothes separately.
4. Today's modern washing machines play a special role in saving the cost of ironing clothes because these washing machines can dry and iron clothes.
5. During the washing of clothes, the skin is damaged a lot, the skin of the hands is damaged, black spots are left at the base of the nails. Washing machine plays the best role as a solution to these skin problems.
6. Washing machines use a technology called hot wash to keep clothes sterile. It removes various harmful bacteria and fungi from the fabric.
7. There is no need to soak clothes separately inside the washing machine because there is a feature called time delay which keeps the clothes wet.
8. There are many variations in fabric. Not all fabrics are the same. For example: some are cotton and some are silk. But the process of washing them is not the same. So today's washing machines are adding a feature that provides steam service according to the type of fabric. For example, if you select the cotton option for a cotton fabric, the washing machine will wash the fabric with great flexibility. As a result, the quality of the cloth will not be damaged.
9. Nowadays, there are many portable washing machines that are small in size and light in weight so that they can be carried everywhere.

How much is the price of washing machine in Bangladesh?

Washing machine prices in Bangladesh start from just Tk 26,500. It is an automatic technology washing machine. This washing machine can wash clothes very quickly. There are also many types of washing machines available in Bangladesh. Their prices depend on the brand, model, mode and features.

How many types of washing machines are available in Bangladesh?

There are 2 types of washing machines available in Bangladesh. One of these is a top loader and another is a front loader. These two types of washing machines have different benefits. These are:

Top loader:

Simply put, washing machines in which clothes are loaded from above are called top loader washing machines. Some advantages of top loader washing machine are mentioned below:

  • This washing machine does not get damaged easily.
  • Top loader washing machines can wash clothes very quickly.
  • They are very cheap in price.
  • Being light in weight can be moved from one place to another very quickly.
  • Once the machine is loaded with clothes, more clothes can be added while it is running.
  • It can clean clothes very well.

Front loader:

Front loader washing machines are washing machines in which clothes are loaded from the front. Some advantages of front loader washing machine are discussed below:

  • It is very good for clothes as it washes clothes according to the quality of the clothes.
  • This washing machine uses very little water while washing clothes.
  • Uses less electricity during hot wash.
  • Front loader washing machines can remove stains from clothes even when using a very small amount of detergent.
  • Front loader washing machine operating cost is very low.

How to use the washing machine to make the washing machine last longer?

To make the washing machine last longer, the washing machine should be operated according to some guidelines. These directions are:

1. What material the cloth is made of should be seen. Most fabrics usually have a tag on them telling them how to clean the fabric. Knowing that should be put in the washing machine or the washing machine may be damaged.

2. Before washing the clothes, the settings of the washing machine should be selected well.

3. Avoid using excess detergent in the washing machine.

4. Clothes should never be left inside the washing machine for a long time after washing. As a result, bad smell will spread inside the machine, which will result in the birth of various bacteria. It is also harmful to clothes and machines.

5. It is better to wash the stains separately before putting the hard stained clothes in the machine and then put them in the machine. As a result, there will be less pressure on the machine and the machine will last for many years.

6. Do not feed too many clothes at once because the machine will not be able to rotate properly due to too many clothes, there is a possibility of getting damaged. So less clothes should be given. It is best to wash clothes weighing up to 2 kg in the washing machine.

7. The mains switch should be kept off after use as the voltage may sometimes rise or fall enough to pose a danger to the washing machine.

What to do if there is a bad smell inside the washing machine?

It is normal for the washing machine to smell due to the use of detergent. Because detergent powders contain a lot of alkali and contain chemicals. But to reduce the smell, adding 2 cups of lemon juice or vinegar to the washing machine will remove the smell.

What can be washed in the washing machine?

Washing machine easily washes jeans, shirts, jackets, gabardine pants, bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, market bags, slippers, cloth shoes, mouse pads, kitchen utensils, such as oven mouth rubber bands, table mats, sports equipment, such as Hats, gloves, pads, wristbands etc. can also be washed quickly.