ID Card Printer Price in Bangladesh

What types of ID card printer do I need?

There are different types of ID card printers are available today. The ID card printer should be selected according to the type of work.

Single side ID printer: This type of printer is used to print only one side of the ID card. In addition to ID cards, this type of printer is also used to make visiting cards.

Double side ID printer: Double ID printer machines are used for all the tasks that are printed on both sides of the ID card. With this type of machine you can print on both sides at the same time.

PVC card machine: PVC cards are more commonly known as plastic cards. This type of machine can be used to make different types of cards such as student ID cards, credit cards, CR cards, etc. The machine can also be used to attach magnetic strips to multifunctional badges.

Retransfer card machine: Using re-transfer printing technology, the data is first printed on a thin transparent substrate and then applied to the card with heat. PVC or polycarbonate cards can also be made using this type of technology.

Embossing ID card printer: Proximity cards and smart cards can be made with the embossing ID card printer.