ID Card Printer Price in Bangladesh

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What type of ID Card Printer do I need?

There are different types of ID card printers are available today. The ID card printer should be selected according to the type of work.

Single-Side ID Printer: This type of printer is used to print only one side of the ID card. In addition to ID cards, this type of printer is also used to make visiting cards.

Double Side ID Printer: Double ID printer machines are used for all the tasks that are printed on both sides of the ID card. With this type of machine, you can print on both sides at the same time.

PVC Card Machine: PVC cards are more commonly known as plastic cards. This type of machine can be used to make different types of cards such as student ID cards, credit cards, CR cards, etc. The machine can also be used to attach magnetic strips to multifunctional badges.

Retransfer Card Machine: Using re-transfer printing technology, the data is first printed on a thin transparent substrate and then applied to the card with heat. PVC or polycarbonate cards can also be made using this type of technology.

Embossing ID Card Printer: Proximity cards and smart cards can be made with the embossing ID card printer.

What can be printed by the ID Card Printer?

An ID card printer can print different types of cards such as employee ID badges, membership cards, credit cards, student ID cards, smart cards, proximity cards, etc. by using a white synthetic plastic card or PVC card depending on the type and model.

What is the price of ID Card Printer in Bangladesh?

ID card printer price in Bangladesh varies based on type, brand, model, technology, quality, etc. To buy an ID card printer in Bangladesh, one needs to spend at least 70,000 taka to 75,000 taka which is a single sided ID printer. On the other hand, to buy a double sided ID printer, one needs to spend a minimum of more than 100,000 taka.

Which type of ID Card Printer should I buy?

Before buying an ID card printer, you need to consider what type of ID card printer to buy. If you need to print the double side of the card regularly, you should buy a double-sided ID card printer. On the other hand, if you need to print the single side of the card more and occasionally need to print the double side of the card, it is better to buy a single-sided ID card printer. Moreover, you should select a printer capable of printing the type of cards that you will need to print on a regular basis.

What is the advantage of Dye Sublimation ID Card Printer?

Most of the ID card printer uses dye sublimation printing method which is able to print ID cards at high speed. Dye sublimation ID card printer can use color gradation correctly.

What is the benefit of Reverse Transfer ID Card Printer?

There are some ID card printers that use a reverse transfer printing method that can print HD resolution cards. Reverse transfer ID card printer has gained wide reputation in Bangladesh as it can provide the highest quality image.

What else to consider before buying an ID Card Printer?

1. Select Single Sided ID Card Printer or Double Sided ID Card Printer as per requirement.

2. Select ID card printer with specific printing method based on need.

3. ID card printer should be selected considering the card print speed per hour and the cost per piece of card print.

4. Usually ID card printers have USB port connectivity while some ID card printers have USB connectivity as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. Hence, select an ID card printer with specific connectivity as per the requirement.

5. Before buying an ID card printer, consider its quality. Also, consider whether the ID card printer comes with a limited parts and servicing warranty.