Cash Register

39 cash register
৳ 12,500
1 day ago
Towa KUS 150 Printer 37mm Electronics Cash Register Machine

Towa KUS 150 electronics cash register machine has 6000 total PLU, 9 departments, 2 station thermal printer 37mm, X / Z...

৳ 8,999
5 hours ago
Towa KUS-150 Small Fiscal Electronic Cash Register Machine

Towa KUS-150 small fiscal electronic cash register machine has 1 line 7 segment VFD 9 digits operator capacity, 1 line...

৳ 48,850
1 day ago
Casio SE-S400 Micro SD Card Slot Cash Register Machine

Casio SE-400 cash register machine has 14 lines/second speed, 10-line operator LCD display with easy viewing tilt, 2 x...

৳ 21,000
1 day ago
Sam4s NR-330 USB SD Slot Portable Cash Resister ECR Machine

Sam4s NR-330 portable cash resister ECR machine has RX631 system CPU - renesas 32 bit, 2 Mbyte flash PGM memory-CPU...

৳ 4,000
3 hours ago
Maken EK-350 Hi-Speed USB Economical Cash Register

Maken EK-350 cash register drawer has polyurethane cash register drawer roller, textured hybrid powder coat, shatter...

৳ 28,999
5 hours ago
Aclas CR151 LCD Display Fiscal Thermal Cash Register Machine

Aclas CR151 fiscal thermal cash register machine has 2 x 57 mm thermal printer, 2 x 57 mm paper size, switching mode...

৳ 3,999
5 hours ago
Imfa MJ-M330 Classic Roller Slide Out Cash Drawer

Imfa MJ-M330 cash drawer has classic roller slide out, 4 bill tray, high grade material, compact size, quite...

৳ 30,500
1 day ago
Paswa CRDMX Double Printer Electronics Cash Register Machine

Paswa CRDMX electronics cash register machine has 40000 PLU, 16 departments, double printer thermal printing, paper...

৳ 15,000
1 day ago
Limax A5 HIgh Speed Electronic Cash Register Machine

Limax A5 electronic cash register machine has high speed with
> R mode, hot key quick operation
> Other...

৳ 6,600
1 day ago
Maken MK-425 Cash Register Drawer Large Storing Capacity

Maken MK-425 cash register drawer has plastic wheel roller, thick gauge cold rolled steel and SECC, textured hybrid...