Table Lamp Price in Bangladesh

Table lamps illuminate certain areas of the room to maintain the normal pace of study and work during power outages. This light is known as table light as they are specially designed to be used with tables. Currently, various designs of table lamps are available in Bangladesh to illuminate the table area as well as to decorate the table. One of them is a table lamp with shade and a chandelier design table lamp, besides there are table lamps of different shapes.

How many type of table lamp available in Bangladesh?

Different sizes and designs of table lamps are available in Bangladesh. Among these, most of the table lamps are used to illuminate certain areas of the room. Besides, there are some table lamps which are used to decorate the table. A detailed description of some types of table lamps based on the use of table lamps.

Study Table Lamp: Study table lamp that illuminates only certain areas of the table. As a result, studies and other activities can be done without interruption during power outages. On the other hand, sometimes there is more than one student in the sharing room, so keeping the light on for one person disturbs everyone's sleep, so by using the study table light, the specific area of the hostel room or mess room can be lit up for reading. In this, the sleep of other students is not disturbed. Currently, various sizes and designs of the study table lamp is available in BD.

Showpiece Table Lamp: Showpiece table lamp is used to enhance the beauty of the table. Besides, various designs of table lamp with shade is available which are suitable for use on bedside tables. Even different types of the showpiece table lamp is used to decorate the corners of the house on different occasions.

Also, there are small USB LED lights available that can emit light through the USB connection of a laptop or computer.

What to look for before buying table light?

There are a few things to look for before buying a table light.

  • Table lights are both rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Hence, the lights have to be selected according to the need
  • By looking at the rechargeable table light backup time, the table lamp should be selected
  • Table lights should be procured after verifying whether they can emit enough light as required
  • Portable table lights should be collected if needed to be taken to different places

How much is the price of table lamp in Bangladesh?

Table lamp price in BD starts from TK 150 which provides a maximum backup of 1 to 2 hours and that comes in low quality. On the other hand, better quality table light price starts from TK 650 which includes touch switches, 3-level dimming modes, and a charging cable that provides 5 hours of backup. Moreover, table light that offers 24-hour backup is available at a slightly higher price.

Best Table Lamp Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for September, 2023

Table Lamp Model Price in BD
Wooden Table Lamp ৳ 2,000
Touch Sensor LED Table Light ৳ 3,450
Table Lamp with Pen Holder ৳ 1,450
Table Lamp shade ৳ 2,200
Baseus Magnetic Desk Light ৳ 1,900
Yage T109 USB Table Lamp with Pen Holder ৳ 850
Baseus Dgrad-0G Comfortable Reading Mini Clip Lamp ৳ 1,190