Needle Detector Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Needle Detector Buying in Bangladesh

A needle detector machine is a machine that is designed to detect metal objects, especially needles in fabrics and clothing. This type of machine is also known as a metal detector machine in Bangladesh. Needle detector machine mainly provides accurate alarm using sophisticated sensors and signal processing techniques which with increasing production of fabrics and garments, ensures product quality and safety. Besides eliminating the risk to both garment workers and users, needle detector machine has gained wide popularity in the textile and garment industry in Bangladesh. Currently, needle detector machine with digital technology from various brand including JSD, Hashima, and SUJA is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

What type of needle detector machine is available in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, needle detector machine is available to meet the various needs of the textile and garment industry:

Handheld Needle Detector: Handheld needle detector is an easily portable machine that is operated manually. This type of machine basically helps the operators to detect the needle by scanning the fabric and clothing.

Digital Needle Detector: Digital needle detector usually consists of a digital display, advanced sensor, and alarm that provides accurate information about the size and position of the needle in the fabric or garment.

Intelligent Needle Detector: This type of machine usually has artificial intelligence that optimizes the detection process to provide accurate information and accurate alarms.

What is the specialty of the needle detector machine?

  • Needle detector machine usually detects needles accurately in fabrics and clothing.
  • Protects both workers and users by detecting needles in clothes and clothing.
  • This type of detector keeps production speeds realistic by scanning fabrics and garments quickly and efficiently.
  • Assists in accurate scanning by controlling the detection level based on specific fabric or garment.
  • Moreover, this type of machine performs accurate cloth and garment detection through conveyor belt systems or customized setups. As a result, manual work is not required.

How much does the needle detector machine cost?

Needle detector machine price in Bangladesh usually vary depending on the brand, model, technology, specification, machine size, and features. Currently, the price of a needle detector machine in Bangladesh starts from Tk 6,500 which is usually a handheld needle detector machine with high sensitivity, sound to alarm switch function. Conveyor belt systems and tabletop models of needle detector machine is generally available within a budget of Tk 40,000. Also, the price of a needle machine with a digital display, intelligent algorithm, or artificial intelligence is more than Tk 55,000 in Bangladesh.

Can the needle detector machine detect other metals besides needles?

Needle detector machine can detect not only needle but other metal objects. However, this type of machine is most commonly used for needle detection in fabrics and clothing. Also, the needle detector machine exhibits compatibility in detecting iron, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. This type of machine detects buttons, and zippers on clothes as well as provides alarms by separately detecting the danger of broken needles.