Needle Detector

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৳ 265,000
1 hour ago
MAX Max-k688S Needle Detector Machine

MAX Max-k688S needle detector machine. This anti-jamming single metal detector is suitable for garment, food, medicine...

৳ 33,000
6 days ago
Hashima HN-30 Portable Needle Detector Machine

Hashima HN30 needle detector machine for garments /textile can detect 1.00 ferrous sample card, detects needle 0.8mm...

৳ 695,000
6 days ago
Digital Needle Detector with Audio and visual Detection

Designed and made with digital and user friendly technology for detection of ferrous metals and releasing non ferrous...

৳ 2,500
1 day ago
Handheld TY-20MJ High Sensitivity Metal / Needle Detector

Handheld TY-20MJ metal / needle detector has metal detection sensitivity 1.2mm, switch function, magnetic field,...

৳ 31,000
1 hour ago
Hashima HN-30 Hand-Held Lightweight Needle Detector

Hashima HN-30 hand-held needle detector machine has magnetic induction, 2 step needle detection adjustment, detection...

৳ 265,000
4 months ago
Max MAX-k688S Anti-Jaming Needle Detector Machine

Max MAX-k688S anti-jamming needle detector machine has 32 bit RICS needle detection system, precise detection, easy...

৳ 8,500
4 months ago
Hand-Held Easy-To-Use Needle Detector Machine TY-20MJ

Hand-held needle detector machine TY-20MJ has metal detection sensitivity 1.2mm, portability, magnetic field, switch...