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Fire Alarm Buying in Bangladesh

Fire alarm detect and warn of emergencies such as fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or other organized fires. It is commonly known as Smoke Detector, Fire Siren in BD. Moreover, fire alarm is one of the tools to protect life and property. Currently, fire alarm have become a very popular equipment in Bangladesh for the safety of people and assets in various commercial buildings, residential buildings, and offices.

Advantage of Fire Alarm use

1. Fire alarm basically provides early warning by detecting smoke, heat or fire. As a result, quick action can be taken before the fire spreads.

2. It provides an alarm for quick and safe evacuation of occupants in residential buildings, commercial buildings. As a result, the risk of injury is reduced and a safe environment is maintained in the building.

3. Detecting fire at an early stage and giving alarm plays an effective role in preventing property damage and fire spread.

4. Fire alarm is one of the tools of fire safety regulation in Bangladesh, which is designed to keep life and property safe.

5. It is essential to use fire alarm in residential and commercial areas. It protects assets in commercial areas as well as ensures family safety in residential areas.

Fire Safety Regulation Act on the use of Fire Alarm in Bangladesh

  • Manual fire alarm should generally be installed within an area of 5 meters from exit doors.
  • The distance between two fire alarm should be less than 200 feet.
  • Residential buildings or commercial buildings should have separate detectors on each floor to raise the alarm.
  • Manual fire alarm boxes should be installed so that they are not more than 42 inches to 48 inches.
  • Alarm system propagation should be visible and audible.
  • Fire alarm system microphones should be placed a minimum of 90 inches above the floor and 6 inches below the ceiling.
  • Also, gong-bells and automatic alarm systems should be preserved.

Things to consider before buy Fire Alarm

Building Type: Building type, size, and usage must be considered before purchasing fire alarm. Because commercial buildings require more fire alarm systems than residential buildings. Therefore, it is essential to consider the building type when installing a fire alarm.

Coverage Area: In residential, commercial buildings, hallways, stairs and other rooms that need to be covered with fire alarm, the coverage area of those areas should be checked. So, considering the right amount of fire alarm device number as well as choosing the installation area will be helpful.

Detection Capability: Verify that the fire alarm system can detect various types of fire hazards including smoke, heat and carbon monoxide. Also, if necessary, check whether a fire caused by chemicals, electrical short circuits, or any machinery in use can detect smoke.

Easy Installation System: Simple installation system should be considered in installing fire alarm or smoke detector in commercial buildings as compared to residential buildings. However, hard-wired fire alarm system is more popular and reliable than battery-operated fire alarm system in BD. However, hard-wired fire alarm is a bit more complicated to install.

Fire Safety Regulations: In addition to coverage area requirements, the Fire Safety Regulation Act should be considered when purchasing a fire alarm. Then, proper security can be ensured in the building by installing proper fire alarm as per requirement.

Also, the budget should be considered while purchasing a fire alarm, which includes equipment, installation, monitoring costs, etc. Next, it will be helpful to choose the best fire alarm according to the budget.

Fire Alarm price

Fire alarm price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 600 which can easily be used with smoke detectors and heat detectors or manual fire alarm activation devices. Moreover, the price of fire alarm in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the alarm type, detection capability, quality, brand, installation cost and other factors. Currently, smoke detector is available between Tk 800 and Tk 2,000 in BD. However, the cost of fire alarm system suitable for use in commercial areas is comparatively high. Fire alarm with built-in high volume speakers, artificial digital voice, and advanced technology including SMS alert features starts at Tk 7,000 in Bangladesh. Also, fire alarm used to prevent the spread of fire in commercial areas is available from Tk 25,000 to Tk 70,000.

Best Fire Alarm Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best fire alarm list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best fire alarm list has been created based on the interest for fire alarm buyers of BD Stall.

Fire Alarm Model Price in BD
Fire Alarm Strobe Siren ৳ 2,200
Fire Alarm Bell ৳ 1,250
Fire Alarm Warn System ৳ 650
Smoke Detector ৳ 850
Fire Alarm Motor Siren ৳ 900
Conventional Manual Call Point Fire Alarm ৳ 1,500
Conventional 8-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel ৳ 25,000
Multi-Sensor Smoke and Heat Detector ৳ 2,200
Push In Pull Emergency Manual Call Point Fire Alarm ৳ 2,500
GSM Fire / Smoke Home Security Alarm System ৳ 15,000