Hair Dryer Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Hair Dryer Buying in Bangladesh

Hair dryer machine is used to dry wet hair. Hair drying by using a hair dryer has become very popular worldwide as the hair cannot be completely dried using a towel after washing. And, drying the hair by using a hair dryer makes the hair very smooth, so hair dryer is used widely in Bangladesh. Currently, Panasonic, Kemai, Philips, and various Chinese brands of hair dryer is available in Bangladesh. Moreover, different models of hair dryers can be procured from Bdstall at affordable price as per the requirement.

How much does a hair dryer cost?

Currently, hair dryer machine price in Bangladesh becomes more or less that depends on the brand, model, and features. Hair dryer price in BD starts from TK 900 which offers both cold and hot air flow as per requirement. Also, a better quality hair dryer is available in Bangladesh which cost a bit more. As a result, users can pick up hair dryers with specific features as per their needs.

What is the benefit of using a hair dryer?

There are several benefits of using a hair dryer. Detailed description:

1. Using a hair dryer can dry the hair in a quick time.

2. Using a hair dryer makes the hair very tidy. Also, hair becomes relatively smooth and silky.

3. Drying the hair using a hair dryer usually removes water from the roots. As a result, people with cold allergy problems don't have to stay in wet hair for long and avoid getting triggered.

4. In addition to drying hair, hair dryers can be used to style hair in less time.

5. Also, using a hair dryer can easily dry the pet's hair after bathing.

What to consider before buying a hair dryer?

Hair dryer will be used to dry hair constantly, so you must select a hair dryer considering some special features. Things to consider before buying a hair dryer are detailed:

Temperature Setting: Hair dryer has cool, warm, and hot temperature settings so that specific settings can be used to dry hair as needed based on the outside weather. Therefore, before buying a hair dryer one must check whether it has the specific temperature settings as per the requirement.

Low Noise Function: Noise is normal when using the hair dryer as it has an AC/DC motor. However, most hair dryer has a low noise function so they don't make too much noise. However, users should monitor the noise of the hair dryer before purchasing it and select a hair dryer with low noise function.

Over Heating Protection: The hair dryer includes a motor, so if it is running for a long time, the hair dryer gets a little hot. Hence, the hair dryer includes overheating protection so that any risk can be easily avoided if it overheats.

Energy Efficient: The power consumption of the hair dryer is based on the maximum energy usage. However, one should select a hair dryer with a specific powerful motor as per the requirement as well as verify that it is sufficiently energy efficient.

Build Quality: The better the build quality of the hair dryer, the more durable it will be. Hence, before buying a hair dryer one must consider its build quality. Specially considering the quality of the hair dryer motor, it must be procured.

Overall, considering these factors will make it easy to select the right hair dryer as per the requirement.

Precautions and Tips on Using a Hair Dryer

1. Avoid drying your hair with high heat from a hair dryer.

2. It is better to dry hair in cold air if you use a hair dryer regularly.

3. Try to apply hair dryer air to the hair from as far away as possible.

4. Regular use of a hair dryer makes hair rough. So, massage the hair with oil every few days.

5. Also, regular hair dryer users must use hair serum after drying their hair.

Best Hair Dryer Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best hair dryer list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best hair dryer list has been created based on the interest for hair dryer buyers of BD Stall.

Hair Dryer Model Price in BD
Panasonic EH-ND11 Easy Styling Turbo Dry Compact Hair Dryer ৳ 1,449
Kemei KM-3365 Hair Dryer ৳ 1,150
Kemei KM-2376 3000W Hair Dryer ৳ 1,850
Philips HP8108/00 DryCare Essential Compact Hair Dryer ৳ 1,600
Kemei KM-6830 Professional Hair Dryer ৳ 750
Panasonic EH-ND13K Fast Hair Dryer ৳ 2,600
Philips BHD351/13 Powerful Drying at Lower Temperature ৳ 3,700
V&G-4400 Professional 2000W Hair Dryer ৳ 2,200
V&G-4100 Hair Dryer Pro ৳ 1,900
Panasonic EH-NE65-K655 2000W Ionity Hair Dryer ৳ 4,200