Hose Pipe Price in Bangladesh

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Hose Pipe Buying in Bangladesh

Hose pipe is very important for water supply mainly for domestic, agricultural, and construction industries. It is also known as water pipe in Bangladesh. This type of pipe is widely used in homes, gardens, farms, construction sites, commercial establishments, and car cleaning in Bangladesh. Hose pipe is mainly made of advanced materials and has the tough pressure capability of everyday work and is readily available in various lengths and diameters. Moreover, the demand for hose pipe has increased to a great extent due to ease of use, durability, and affordable price in Bangladesh.

Why buy Hose Pipe?

1. Hose pipe is mainly convenient and effective tools for supplying water from certain places in the garden, cleaning cars, or water tanks.

2. As the hose pipe is flexible, water can be easily supplied to any inaccessible place in various ways.

3. Hose helps in supplying water quickly and efficiently through pipes which saves both time and labor.

4. Water supply can be easily controlled with hose pipe, which results in no wastage of water.

5. Hose pipe is essential in efficient irrigation systems to increase crop growth and productivity in agriculture.

6. Concrete mixing in construction works, and water supply to construction sites play an important role.

7. Also, hose pipes are used to control accidental fires in homes, offices, or industries.

8. The use of hose pipe does not require separate plumbing and can be easily supplied by connecting to any water tap, water pump, or reservoir.

9. A spray head or spray gun is attached to the front of the hose pipe which helps control the water pressure. Also ensures effective use in cleaning vehicles or other things.

10. Hose pipe is generally lightweight and flexible and can be easily coiled and stored in small spaces.

What to look for before buying Hose Pipe?

Length of Hose Pipe: Before purchasing the hose pipe, the length of the hose pipe that can be supplied to the area water should be considered according to the scope of the work.

Hose Pipe diameter: The diameter of the hose pipe mainly determines the water flow rate and pressure. Hose pipe is generally available in various diameters including 5/8 inch, and 3/4 inch diameters. So hose pipe with a diameter that can supply enough water as per requirement should be considered.

Materials Made: Hose pipe is generally made of various materials including high-quality rubber, and polyester fabrics. So before buying, check what kind of material the hose pipe is made of.

Flexibility of the Pipe: Consider whether the hose pipe can be moved anywhere as well as easily coiled and stored.

Hose Pipe Connector: Hose pipe heads have brass, stainless steel connectors that help connect the nozzle to the water supply. So before buying the hose pipe must check the durable and long-lasting connector.

Nozzleless: A hose is connected to a pipe to spray a certain amount of water on a garden, car cleaning, or construction site. So check whether the nozzle is compatible with the hose pipe according to the scope of work.

UV Resistance: It should be checked whether the hose pipe will be damaged in extreme heat or prolonged use in sunlight.

Budget compatibility: Hose pipes should be considered in accordance with the budget. Then the best hose pipe can be found within the specified budget.

How much does Hose Pipe cost?

The price of hose pipe usually varies depending on the length, diameter, material, and quality of the pipe. Currently, the price of hose pipe in Bangladesh starts from Tk 150 which is made of 100% flexible PVC, 10 feet in length, and has good UV resistance.

  • Magic Hose Pipe Price: Magic Hose Pipe price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 400 which is made of durable plastic and metal material, equipped with a multifunctional spray gun and a length of up to about 50 meters. Also, magic hose pipe prices vary according to length and diameter.
  • Fire Fighting Hose Pipe: The price of fire fighting hose pipe in Bangladesh usually starts from Tk 2800 which is 1.5 inches in diameter and 30 meters in length. Also, fire fighting hose pipes made of high-quality materials cost more than Tk 13,000 along with connecting to fire engines or fire hydrants.

However, besides considering the budget, one should consider quality hose pipes, which can be used effortlessly for a long time.

Best Hose Pipe Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Hose Pipe Model Price in BD
Fire Fighting Hose Pipe ৳ 13,500
Magic Hose Pipe 50 Feet with Extra Connector ৳ 589
Magic Hose Pipe ৳ 990
150 Feet Magic Hose Pipe ৳ 900
Magic Car Washing Hose Pipe 75 Feet Compact and Portable ৳ 650
High Pressure Car Washer ৳ 8,500
Ingco HPWR30008 High Pressure Washer ৳ 62,000
125 Feet Magic Hose Pipe ৳ 780
Fire Hose Pipe Reel ৳ 15,800