Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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In Bangladesh cement is used to build houses, roads and many places where casting is required. Because, casting is very stronger and durable. Cement is usually cheaper as they are manufactured in Bangladesh.

What kind of cement is available in Bangladesh?

The use of cement is essential for casting in Bangladesh. Different types of cement are used according to the requirements. Synthetic cement is commonly called Portland cement. The widely used cements in Bangladesh are discussed:

Ordinary Portland Cement: Currently, ordinary Portland cement is the most widely used in all construction works in Bangladesh. This Portland cement is commonly used in concrete, mortar, and stucco. Bangladeshi ordinary Portland cement contains more than 97% clinker and less than 03% gypsum as ingredients.

Portland Fly Ash Cement: Portland fly ash cement is generally stronger than ordinary Portland cement. This cement contains 84-86% clinker, 11-13% fly ash, and less than 03% gypsum.

Portland Composite Cement: Portland composite cement is generally suitable for all structures exposed to water or underground. If more cement is used at once, excess heat is generated which is one of the functions of portland composite cement to control. These cements are used in the construction of building foundations and water dams. Portland blast-furnace slag cement consists of 70-75% clinker, 20-25% blast furnace slag and 05% gypsum.

White Portland Cement: White Portland cement is used to whiten and smooth the walls and ceilings of any building by filling small holes.

What is the weight of the bag of cement?

All the cement available in the Bangladeshi market has a weight of 50 kg per bag. Cement sacks weigh 50 kg and are easy to carry.

What is the way to know good cement?

  • Good cements feel smooth when rubbed between two fingers.
  • A bag of good cement feels cold when the hand is directly inserted into it.
  • If you take a handful of cement and pour a small amount of water on it, when it is hot, you will know that it is good cement.
  • When cement is handled many times small lumps like stones are seen and if these lumps cannot be broken by finger pressure then the cement cannot be bought for concreting work.
  • Check whether the cement bags are airtight. If the cement bag is not airtight, the quality of the cement may deteriorate due to prolonged storage.


What is the price of cement in Bangladesh?

The price of cement varies according to the type and quality of cement in Bangladesh. Cement is sold as per bag in Bangladesh and 1 bag cement contains 50 Kg which cost around 485 Taka. Again, Portland composite cements are available at 500 to 700 Taka per bag. White Portland cement is available from Tk 990 to Tk 1,050 per bag.

What are the popular cement brands in Bangladesh?

Different brands of cement are available in Bangladesh. Among them, the most popular cement brands are:

  • Seven Horse Cement
  • Tiger Cement
  • Seven ring cement
  • Premier Cement
  • Shah Cement
  • Bashundhara Cement
  • Supercrete cement
  • Holcim Cement

Best Cement Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2024

Cement Model Price in BD
Scan Multi Purpose Cement ৳ 510
Bengal Cement ৳ 485
Eastern Cement ৳ 475
Shah Cement ৳ 505
Scan Cement ৳ 530
Supercrete Cement ৳ 510
Montania Tiger White Portland Cement ৳ 999
Aman Advance Cement ৳ 495
Premier Cement ৳ 485
Seven Ring Cement ৳ 515