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24 days ago
Ramp Digital Geared Motor Crockmeter

Ramp digital zrockmeter is used for the determination of color fastness of textiles against rubbing under either DRY or...

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5 days ago
Peter James Hilfiger Croko Master PJH Croko Meter

Peter James Hilfiger Croko Master PJH croko meter. Origin UK, with 9 Newton weight, same as James H Heal 670.

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1 month ago
Crock Meter

Crock Meter: To determine the color fastness of textile to dry or wet rubbing as per European standards. This is latest...

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1 hour ago
Crockmeter GT-D05 Metal Box Rubber Fastness Tester

Crockmeter GT-D05 rubber fastness tester has metal box, high-temperature baking coating, easy maintenance, manual...

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1 hour ago
AATCC GT-D04 Color Fastness Crock Meter

AATCC GT-D04 color fastness crock meter has digital display, oil cylinder position, manual control, AC 220V power.

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5 days ago
Croko Master AATCC with Croking Cloth

Croko master AATCC with 500 pcs. croking cloth.

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7 days ago
Aatcc GT-D04 Textile Lab Equipment Crock Testing Machine

Aatcc GT-D04 textile lab equipment crock testing machine has digital display, 0 - 100 kg weight capacity, metal box,...

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5 days ago
Croko Master James h Heal 670 Manual

Croko master James h Heal 670 manual test instrument for textile insdustry.

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7 days ago
AATCC TM-01 Hand Operated Ramp Crockmeter

AATCC TM-01 hand operated ramp crockmeter has 16mm ± 0.2 MM diameter of the rubbing finger, 9 N force on the finger, 5...

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24 days ago
Ramp Hand Operated Crockmeter TM-01 Textile Machine

Ramp hand operated crockmeter TM-01 textile machine has 16mm ± 0.2 MM diameter of the rubbing finger, force on the...