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Top Accounting Software Price List in Bangladesh

Best Accounting Software List in December, 2020 Latest Price
Easy Accounting Software for Monthly Office Payment ৳ 8,500
Inventory Software for Mobile Shop ৳ 8,500
Inventory Software for Import Business ৳ 8,500
Accounting Management Software System ৳ 8,500
Shop Management Accounting Software ৳ 9,999
Techno Accounting Software ৳ 9,999
Warehouse Management Software ৳ 9,999

Why accounting software is important?

The most important thing behind the success of a business is to keep a proper account of the income and expenditure of the whole business and take action accordingly. So traders try to keep an account of their business in various ways. Many traders still rely on ledgers, pens, calculators, etc. for accounting, which has cost them a lot of time and labor. As a result, there is a huge deficit in the management of the organization to make the business bigger. An accounting software can solve this problem.

Accounting software can easily keep track of all business accounts and since it is software and computer dependent it can work very fast. As well as being user friendly it does not require any separate skilled staff to use it. Many things can be done simultaneously with an accounting software. As receipts can be given to the customers in a very beautiful and organized way. Besides, it is very easy to calculate the daily, monthly and annual income and expenditure of a business. Another big advantage is that there is no possibility of losing the data of the organization as a result of using the accounting software as now the data of many accounting software is stored through the cloud server and its backup is also kept. It also allows you to view the current state of the business from anywhere on the Internet.

Off-the-shelf or customized accounting software - which is better?

Some accounting software is sold at a low price as readymade with many features. However, many accountings in Bangladesh are maintained in their own way so it is better to customize as per the requirements. Then, it will be able to provide perfect results for your business.

What other features should be looked?

The software must be very fast and browser based so that it can be accessed from anywhere. If the need arises in the future, it should be added to the software. The software should be linked to inventory system, payroll management, and leave system.