CPU Cooler Price in Bangladesh

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CPU Cooler Buying in Bangladesh

A computer or PC by whatever name it is called depends entirely on its CPU. And the importance of using a CPU cooler is immense to keep this CPU safe. Working on a computer or PC for some time causes the CPU to heat up. If the CPU does not have a good cooling system then the PC or computer will work slowly and also damage the CPU. And considering these things, all the PC users in BD, especially the gamers, install coolers of different brand models in the CPU.

What is the price of CPU cooler in BD?

CPU coolers price in BD start from 300 Taka to 10,000 Taka and can be used to safely overclock the CPU. The price of the CPU cooling fan depends on its technology, fan rotation speed, airflow level and other things. So choose the CPU cooler depending on your budget.

What other things must be known before buying a CPU cooler?

Different types and prices of CPU coolers are available in BD. Below are some tips to choose the right CPU cooling fan:

1. First, decide what kind of work you want to buy a CPU cooler for. If for general work and need some overclocking then you can buy a cheap CPU cooler. And if you want to play games or do similar work, you need a good quality cooler.

2. Choose technology based on budget such as air cooling and liquid cooling. A liquid CPU cooler can provide much better temperature control but will cost a bit more. Air CPU cooler is very popular in Bangladesh due to low price.

3. TDP rating is the biggest factor in choosing a CPU cooler. Just remember that the TDP rating of the CPU cooler must be equal to or higher than the processor or it won't work well.

4. Most CPU coolers work on all types of sockets but some coolers only work on specific sockets. So it's good to know.

5. If considering additional casing, it is good to know the height of the CPU cooler as it will fit well inside the casing.

6. Find out if the CPU cooling fan is making too much noise. Because its sound can be annoying when working in a quiet environment.

7. In case of gaming PC, CPU cooler should be taken very powerful. Gaming computers using more than one CPU cooler may be necessary. For example, if the graphics card does not have a cooling system, then a good quality cooling system should be installed. In many cases, a separate cooler may be required for the RAM as well.

8. Many RGB CPU coolers are available in Bangladesh. They help to enhance the beauty of the PC. So RGB cooling system can be bought for CPU.