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TV Buying in Bangladesh

A TV can multiply the level of entertainment in your home. But in order to find the TV that you like among so many TVs in the market, you must have some idea about the features of the TV and the price of the TV in Bangladesh. Below are some essential information about TVs that will help you find the right TV for your home.

Besides entertainment, what else is TV used for?

1. Currently, the use of TV is increasing for the round-the-clock monitoring of CCTV camera footage as it is available at a very affordable price compared to monitors.

2. Due to the relatively low cost, many offices use TV instead of projector for meeting room.

3. TV is used for advertising in various supermarket, super shop, restaurant etc.

4. Big-screen TVs are now in demand for gaming.

What is the price of TV in Bangladesh?

In recent years in Bangladesh, especially in 2023, budget TVs below Tk. 10,000 have included many advanced features. These TVs are sufficient for CCTV monitoring and basic entertainment. But world class brand TV price in Bangladesh at least Tk 20,000 which have WiFi, HD+ and Android facilities. Keep in mind when buying a TV that prices are usually based on brand, screen size, resolution and smart features. In Bangladesh, another important factor is the panel warranty and TV price can vary a lot in this which is marked as parts warranty in Bdstall. Almost all TVs have a service warranty but this is not a very important thing to consider. Irrespective of the budget, when buying a TV in Bangladesh one should buy a TV that displays good picture quality.

TV prices in Bangladesh can vary depending on various factors, notable ones being (screen size, panel technology, smart features).

Screen Size: Larger screen TV is naturally more expensive. You can find small screen basic TV around 32 inch TV price starts from 20,500 taka.

Panel Technology: LED TV is the most common and affordable TV in BD. OLED TV has higher picture quality so  OLED TV prices much higher than Basic TV. OLED TV price and QLED TV price around 150000 TK.

Smart Features: Smart TV has the option to watch live streaming through internet connection. Smart TV is more expensive than basic TV as they include more advanced features. Basic TV prices start from 6,499 Tk  and high-end TV price around BDT 300,000. 

Do TV price varies based on Screen Technology?

Televisions use a variety of technologies such as CRT, Plasma, LCD, LED, IPS, QLED and OLED. The most popular panel technologies today are LED, OLED, and QLED.

1. LED TV uses "Light Emitting Diodes" or LED technology that makes the screen brighter. LED TVs are slimmer, more energy efficient and offer brighter lighting. Currently, LED TV is available for a minimum of TK 6,000. However, one need to spend at least 7,500 Taka to buy a smart LED TV in Bangladesh.

2. OLED is the latest HD technology to display realistic images with brighter light. The contrast ratio of OLED TV is very high. Currently, OLED TV in Bangladesh is available from a minimum of Tk 150,000 to a maximum of Tk 950,000 depending on the size and features.

3. QLED TVs are much cheaper than OLED and have a longer lifespan, are brighter, better for the eyes and better for gaming. Moreover, to buy a QLED TV in Bangladesh, one has to spend a minimum of 50,000 to a maximum of 1250,000 Taka.

Which TV is needed by size and price in Bangladesh?

Televisions are currently available from 32 inch to 85 inch. Basically the right size of TV depends on the size of your room and viewing distance. If your TV is too small or too big for the room, your TV viewing experience will not be good. For example, a 32-inch TV should be viewed from 5 feet away and a 65-inch TV should be viewed from 7.5 feet away for HD quality images. Higher resolutions may require greater viewing distance. Moreover, 85-inch TV is available in Bangladesh which is much cheaper than before. And some TVs smaller than 14 inch are available which are called portable TV and they are used a little in small shop. 32-inch to 43-inch TV price in Bangladesh starts from at least Tk 7,000 to Tk 16,000. On the other hand, 50-inch to 55-inch TV price starts at a minimum of Tk 25,000 to Tk 30,000. As the size of the TV increases, its price increases at a higher rate. However, due to the availability of large-screen panel TV in Bangladesh, its price will come down soon.

What are the advantages of smart TV and how is the price?

Normal TV shows sound and pictures sent from cable TV stations. Television is no longer limited to just watching telecasts. By connecting the TV to the Internet, video networks such as YouTube, Netflix etc. can be enjoyed. However, some TV has USB facility so that video files can be played using a pen drive or hard disk. And Smart TV is connected to the Internet with smart connectivity such as WiFi, USB, LAN, and Smart OS to enjoy web browsing, web videos like YouTube, social networking, and online gaming. But if you have already bought normal TV then you don't need to change your TV you can use smart TV box to convert your regular TV to smart TV. Smart TV can be bought in Bangladesh by spending only 8,000 Taka, but to buy a smart TV with advanced technology, one has to spend more than 15,000 Taka. Besides, Smart TV with large screen size is available in Bangladesh with price ranging from Tk 3 lakh to 12 lakh based on smart features and panel technology.

What kind of operating system is used on the TV?

Android, Tizen, WebOS are often used as TV operating systems. Android TV is more popular among them.

How much resolution is good?

The higher the resolution, the better the image. In Bangladesh 3 types of resolution TV are available everywhere due to affordable price which are 720p, 1080p and 4K. They carry a certain amount of pixels and the more pixel, the better the image quality. However, 8K TV is available in Bangladesh and it is expected that within a few days the price will be affordable in Bangladesh to almost everyone.

What else to consider when buying a TV?

When buying a TV below are also important to enhance your viewing experience.

  • Sound Quality: Choosing a TV depends on how clear the audio output is. Currently, TVs include Dolby sound, dual speakers, etc. depending on the model. But the main consideration is that the sound should be clear.
  • Refresh Rate: The refresh rate is usually given on LCD and LED TVs. The higher it is the better. Refresh rate is a measure of how many images can be played or displayed per second. So, 60Hz frame rate means displaying 60 images per second. This plays an important role when you watch fast action. Like games, or action movies.
  • 3D Video: Three-dimensional video can be viewed with compatible 3D glasses. But the video must support 3D images. However, its use in Bangladesh has decreased a little now.
  • Curved Screen: Curved TVs have curved design screens that look great from all angles.
  • Ports: Your TV may need an HDMI port to connect various devices, such as an A/V receiver, Blu-ray player, or gaming console. So buy TV with HDMI feature.

What may be needed after buying the TV?

After buying TV, some additional cost also be considered such as

 1. Today's TVs are quite slim as they are flat panel products and most of the users use the TV set on the wall. So, check if there is a wall bracket with the TV and if not, buy a wall bracket compatible with the TV.

2. Instead of using the TV set on the wall, the TV can be used by setting the TV on the TV trolley. So, buy a TV trolley that matches the interior design of the TV room.

3. If you need to connect the TV to the laptop or computer, you need to collect the HDMI cable according to the resolution of the TV.