TV Price in Bangladesh 2022 & 2023

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A TV can increase the level of entertainment in your home. But in order to find the TV you want in the market with so many TVs, you need to have some idea about the features of TV and the price of TV in BD. That is why below we have some essential information about Televisions that will help you find the desired TV for your home.

What panel technology is best?

Televisions use a variety of technologies such as CRT, Plasma, LCD, LED, IPS, QLED and OLED. At present, the two most popular technologies are LED and OLED. LED TVs use "light emitting diodes" or LED technology that illuminates the screen more. LED TVs are slimmer and more energy efficient and provides much brighter light. OLED is the latest invention HD technology that produces realistic images with the help of brighter light. The contrast ratio of OLED TV is much higher. QLED TV is much cheaper than OLED and has longer lifespan, brighter, better for eyes, and well for gaming.

Which size TV do I need?

Currently 32" to 75" televisions are available in Bangladesh. Basically the exact size of the TV depends on the size of your room and the viewing distance. If your TV is execessive smaller or bigger than the room, watching your TV will not be a good experience. For example, 32 inch TV should be viewed from 5 feet distance and 65-inch TV should be viewed from 7.5 inch distance for HD quality picture. Higher resolution might need more distance for better viewing.

Rgular or Smart TV - Which one should be bought?

Ordinary TV only shows words and pictures sent from the TV station. Television is now not limited to just watching broadcast programs. Video networks like YouTube, Nuli, Netflix etc. can be enjoyed by connecting TV to the internet. Some TVs have USB facility so that video files can be played with the help of pen drive or hard disk. The smart TV is connected to the Internet by smart connectivity like Wi-Fi, LAN and smart OS which allows you to enjoy web browsing, web videos like YouTube, social networking, and online gaming. However, if you already purchased the regular TV then you don't need to change the TV instead you can use a Smart TV Box to convert your regular TV into smart TV.

What resolution is best?

The higher the resolution, the better the image. 3 types of resolution are available. 720p, 1080p and 4K. These carry a certain amount of pixels. The higher the pixels, the better the image quality. Now, 4K TV provides the best TV viewing experience.

What type of operating systems are used in TV?

Android, Tizen, WebOs are freqently used as TV operating system. Among them Android TV is more popular.

What should be the budget to buy a TV in Bangladesh?

TV prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 4,500 which is a 21 inch TV and has HD quality picture and stereo sound. A 32-inch TV costs at least Taka 7,500 and has full HD picture, USB port and LED technology. 43-inch to 55-inch TVs generally cost between Taka 15,900 to Taka 70,000 and the higher the price, the better the picture quality. Irrespective of the budget, when buying a TV in Bangladesh one should buy a TV that displays good picture quality.

What other features does the TV need?

Refresh rate: Refresh rates are usually offered on LCD and LED TVs. Refresh rate is the amount of images you are able to play or display per second. So, 60Hz frame rate means showing 60 images per second. It only plays an important role when you see a fast action such as games, or action movies.

3D Video: Three dimentional video can be viewed with wearing compatible 3D glasses. But the video must support 3D pictures.

Curved Screen: Curved TV has a curved design screen that looks nice in all angles.

Brands: There are many TVs of different technologies available in the market today including Sony's Bravia, Samsung's UDH Curved TV, LG TV, Xiaomi's MI TV, Toshiba TV, Philips TV, TCL TV. However, it seems that Sony's Bravia is more popular among buyers because of its good quality pictures. Also, China TV is now very popular in Bangladesh due to its good quality and low price.

Ports: The HDMI port is needed to connect your TV to other important devices such as A / V receiver, Blu-ray player or gaming console so get the latest HDMI version  that supports at least 4K bandwidth.