Toshiba TV Price in Bangladesh

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Toshiba TV Buying in Bangladesh

Toshiba is a popular brand in the electronics industry, which has gained wide recognition in the Bangladeshi market by supplying televisions. According to the users' needs and requirements, Toshiba brand supplies various sizes of TV. Also, the sleek and compact design of various models of Toshiba TV is perfect for small spaces and provides large and attractive screens for home theaters. Currently, Toshiba Smart TV provides streaming, internet browsing, and gaming with ease through WiFi connectivity. Toshiba TV has gained immense popularity for providing advanced features, high performance, and enhanced visuals at affordable price in Bangladesh.

Why buy Toshiba TV?

Video Quality: Toshiba TV delivers quality visuals with vibrant colors, sharp details, and high-contrast levels. Toshiba also uses technologies like LED, OLED, and QLED across its TV models to enhance the viewing experience.

Advantages of Smart TV: Toshiba brand TV is available at an affordable price in Bangladeshi market with smart features. As a result, various types of tasks including online streaming, and internet browsing can be done on Toshiba TV without connecting additional devices.

User-friendly interface: Toshiba TV generally has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Besides changing and adjusting settings, various features can be easily accessed.

Audio Quality: Toshiba TV typically offers Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio, which provides immersive and three-dimensional audio for watching videos, gaming, or entertainment on TV.

Voice Control: Almost all TV of the Toshiba brand has a voice control system. As a result, hands-free operation can be done. Also, through voice commands, a subject can be searched and controlled.

Gaming facility: Some Toshiba TV models are specifically designed to provide gaming facilities. Gaming Toshiba TV offers less lag and better motion handling, which is important for gamers.

Screen Mirroring: Toshiba TV supports Miracast or Chromecast built-in screen mirroring. As a result, photos, videos, or presentations can be provided on the big screen by mirroring the screen of a smartphone, tablet, or laptop compatible with the TV through a wireless connection.

Design: Toshiba TV comes with a modern and sleek design as well as slim bezels, and standard stands that are perfect for home, office, or retail use.

Connectivity: Toshiba TV usually has multiple HDMI and USB ports for connectivity. This enables connection to various external devices such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, soundbars, and USB drives.

How much does Toshiba TV cost?

Toshiba TV price usually varies depending on the specific model, screen size, and features. Toshiba TV price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 12,900 which is usually made with full HD picture quality and LED technology. Also, Toshiba TV with 32-inch to 43-inch screen size is available in Bangladesh market in the budget of Tk 26,000 to Tk 67,000. Home theater 50-inch to 65-inch Toshiba TV price is between Tk 72,000 and Tk 242,000.