Jvco TV Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Jvco TV Buying in Bangladesh

Keeping up with the current technology, JVCO TV incorporates a variety of special features that have made JVCO TV popular worldwide. Moreover, JVCO TVs are available in the Bangladeshi market at relatively low prices, thus JVCO TVs have gained huge popularity among all levels of users in Bangladesh.

How much is JVCO TV in Bangladesh?

JVCO Smart TV price is determined based on its display size, RAM, storage, processor, resolution, and sound output. Currently, JVCO TV price in Bangladesh starts from TK 12,000 with a display size of 32-inch and comes with 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, and Full HD resolution. JVCO 39-inch TV and 43-inch TV price start from 21,500 taka that has voice control system. Besides, the JVCO 50-inch TV price starts from TK 33,500 which features a voice control system as well as a 4K resolution display. And, the JVCO 55-inch TV price starts from TK 40,000 and 65-inch TV price starts from TK 50,000. On the other hand, 75-inch JVCO TV costs a bit more.

Why buy JVCO TV?

The JVCO brand is able to provide TVs with advanced technology at affordable prices. Various sizes of JVCO TVs are available in BD, as per the budget and room space ratio. Some special features of JBCO TV are briefly discussed:

Operating System: One of the special features of JVCO TV is its operating system. Android and WebOS two types of operating systems are used in this brand of TV. Android operating system is developed by Google while WebOS is Linux operating system developed by LG.

Display Resolution: JVCO TVs have Full HD and 4K resolution displays. As a result, all types of resolution videos can be enjoyed clearly.

RAM & Storage: JVCO Smart TV has dedicated RAM and storage, so it is easy to use multiple applications at once and save some favorite videos.

Voice Control: Most JVCO TVs have a built-in voice control system. As a result, any program or video of choice can be searched and enjoyed through the voice control remote.

Screen Sharing: JVCO Smart TV supports screen sharing so that favorite videos can be viewed on the TV's big screen using the video screen sharing feature from mobile phones. Even, any favorite game can be played on JVCO TV through the screen-sharing feature from mobile.

Sound Quality: JVCO TVs have high-quality front-facing stereo speakers that deliver clear and noise-free sound. And, this TV comes with a high-powered sound bar that works as a loudspeaker.

Connectivity: JVCO TV has HDMI, VGA, USB, LAN, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Besides, one can use a dish line connection and enjoy favorite national and international TV channels.

Durability: JVCO TVs are made of high-quality materials so they are durable for a long time. And, it provides high-quality video and audio for a long time.