Samsung TV Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024 - Smart, LED, Android

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Samsung TV is very popular among all TV brands in different countries of the world. Bangladesh also has a big customer of Samsung TV. Samsung has captured the hearts of millions of people in Bangladesh with good TVs at low prices, modern features, different quality TVs with different resolutions. However, Samsung TV enthusiasts have some questions. Let's know the answers to all the questions about Samsung TV.

What is the price of Samsung TV in Bangladesh?
Samsung TV price in Bangladesh starts from just Tk 15,480 which has HD resolution and provides clear picture with high quality sound system. But Samsung TV price depends on its display technology, screen size and modern facilities. But while buying a Samsung TV, it is better to check the warranty period of its after-sales service and parts because the price is lower or higher based on this.

How does Samsung Smart TVs offer benefits at a low price?

Samsung Smart TV in Bangladesh is available under Tk 25,500 which includes web browsing, gaming and operating system with WiFi facility. Usually Samsung Smart TV uses Tizen operating system which is developed by Samsung company. This Samsung Smart TV also has advanced processor, echo sensor, voice control facility.

How much Samsung Android TV is available in Bangladesh?

Samsung Android TVs have a slightly larger screen and are priced under Tk 40,000 in Bangladesh. These Samsung Android TVs are very high quality and have everything from HDR 10+ to powerful speakers, various apps download facility.

Which of Samsung 40 inch, 42 inch and 43 inch TV is affordable?

40, 42 and 43 inch TVs are most popular in Bangladesh market but Samsung 43 inch TV is more popular because Samsung 43 inch screen TV is available in Bangladesh within this price range of only 37,500 Tk. It has all kinds of facilities with advanced technology.

Samsung's 4K TVs are good?

Samsung 4K TVs are the best among the brands of TVs in the Bangladeshi market because its affordable price starts from Tk 42,000 but you get all the benefits of the latest technology. With Samsung 4K TV you will get the real feel of the videos.

Samsung 32 inch TV is affordable?
Samsung 32 inch TVs start from just Tk 15,480 to Tk 26,499 and they are HD resolution TVs. These 32-inch TVs support WiFi technology, so you can use the Internet whenever you want. Samsung Smart TVs are now within reach at low prices.

Are Samsung TVs slim?

Samsung Smart TVs are slim and many are borderless. These televisions are full HD, 4K resolution or 8K resolution and if the combination of borderless and display size above 40 inches is available, then you can enjoy watching vivid realistic videos.

Samsung LED TV better refresh rate?

Samsung LED TVs offer high refresh rates. Starting from 60 Hz to 120 Hz refresh rate LED TVs are now available in the market of Bangladesh. Samsung has always been vocal in keeping consumers rest assured about the refresh rate when buying a budget-friendly Samsung television.

How about RAM and storage?
Samsung televisions are world famous for high quality RAM and storage. There are TVs with 2 GB to 8 GB RAM in Bangladesh. So besides watching pictures and videos, many games can also be played on Samsung TVs. And the price is quite low in Bangladesh.

Samsung LED display is better or OLED display?

Both LED display and OLED display are the best in their respective qualities. LED televisions use backlit technology that uses all the crystals as one panel to create the picture. And OLED TV lights up each pixel separately to create a picture or video together. But despite the technical differences, there is no difference in viewing images or videos. In Bangladesh, Samsung brand TVs with two display technologies are available at very affordable prices where Samsung LED TV cost around 14,000 Taka and Samsung OLED will cost much more.

How is Samsung television customer service?

Samsung brand in Bangladesh provides attractive services to its customers in its televisions. In terms of warranty and guarantee, the Samsung brand provides a 2-year warranty to 10-year warranty with its televisions.