Barcode Scanner Price in Bangladesh 2023

A barcode scanner is an optical scanner that can read the printed barcodes on any product. The data contained in these barcodes is readable by the computer and passed on to the computer. This barcode scanner is also known as barcode reader. In Bangladesh, several well known brands of barcode scanners are available in Bangladesh at very competitive price.

Which barcode scanning technology is best?

Barcode scanners now use a variety of technologies for scanning. Such as laser type scanners, CCD or LED scanners, camera base scanners and omnidirectional scanners. Omnidirectional scanning technology is the best.

What kind of design is easy to work with?

There are also several types of barcode scanners based on the design: handheld scanners, PDA scanners, auto scanners, and the latest wireless scanners. Scanners should be selected based on the type of work and requirements.

1D vs. 2D - which should be chosen?

2D scanning is an improved version of 1D. The 2D scanner can read both vertically and horizontally. And the 1D technology barcode scanner can only scan the bar. However, this technology barcode scanner is available at a much lower price and is widely used.

Qr Code vs Barcode - what is the difference?

The type of work is similar but there are some notable differences such as QR codes using two-dimensional technology and can hold 100 times more information than barcodes. If the barcode requires the same amount of printing as the QR code, it will require 10 times more space.

What is connectivity?

These include connectivity in a number of ways, notably keyboard wedges, USB and wireless networking system.

How much does a barcode scanner cost?

Currently, barcode scanner prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 2,500 but the price depends on its brand, technology, quality, and functionality. Moreover, better quality 1D and 2D barcode scanners are available in Bangladesh which cost a bit more. However, Android mobile barcode scanners and mobile computers start at Tk 35,000.