Gas Leak Detector

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৳ 51,000
2 hours ago
Smart Sensor AS8900 High Sensitivity Gas Leak Detector

Smart sensor AS8900 high sensitivity gas leak detector has 0~30% VOL measuring range, 0.1% / 1mo / mol / 1% resolution,...

৳ 1,200
7 days ago
Smart Sensor AR110 Sensitive LP Gas Detector Alarm

Smart sensor AR110 LP gas detector alarm has sensitive gas sensor for indoor detection, micro-computer IC technology,...

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2 hours ago
Portable Oxygen Monitor O2 Gas Detector AS8901 Smart Sensor

Portable smart sensor AS8901 oxygen monitor detects gas leak and interface with a control system so a process can be...

৳ 51,000
3 days ago
Smart Sensor AS8900 Hi-Sensitivity Gas Combustible Detector

Smart Sensor AS8900 hi-sensitivity gas combustible detector has 0~30% VOL measuring range, 0.1% / 1mo / mol / 1%...

৳ 16,800
2 days ago
Smart Sensor AR8700A Gas Detector Carbon Monoxide Meter

Smart Sensor AR8700A carbon monoxide meter gas detector has refrigerant gas, SF-6 gas, gas detector measuring range...

৳ 16,500
2 hours ago
AR8700A Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector Meter

AR8700A carbon monoxide gas detector meter has refrigerant SF-6 gas detecting technology, measuring range 0~1000PPM,...

৳ 45,000
2 hours ago
Ammonia Gas Detector AR8500 Resolution 0.1PPM

Ammonia gas detector AR8500 has 0~100PPM measuring range, ammonia NH³ gas, resolution 0.1PPM, basic error ±2%,...

৳ 39,000
2 hours ago
AR8200 Carbon Dioxide CO² Gas Detector Machine

AR8200 carbon dioxide detector machine has 350~9999PPM measuring range, carbon dioxide CO² gas detecting technology,...

৳ 46,500
5 months ago
Lutron GS-5800 Ultrasonic Leakage Detector

Lutron GS-5800 ultrasonic leakage detector has bar LED to show the leakage level, air leaks around door and window...