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ZLT840 Portable Multi Gas Detector Price in Bangladesh

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৳ 16,500
13 days ago
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ZLT840 Full Specification

Model ✅ ZLT840
ID 78351
Lowest Price ৳ 16,500
Item Gas Leak Detector
Status In Stock
Seller Location Dhaka City, Bangladesh

ZLT840 Price in Bangladesh 2023

ZLT840 price in Bangladesh is ৳ 16,500 Taka and This ZLT840 portable voice-type multi-gas detector is a safety device that allows you to continuously detect the concentration of leaking gas. It uses highly sensitive and repeatable high-quality imported gas sensors, built-in computer control, and advanced integrated circuit technology. This device can detect and display the concentration of four gasses which are H2S, O2, CO, and EX. It comes with a backlit LCD display with reasonable screen distribution, and transparent font so that gas leakage can be easily seen. It has three alarm modes audio, visual, and vibration to let you know the alarm and data quickly. It is made of high-quality ABS and anti-slip grip rubber and is waterproof, dust-proof, and explosion-proof. It is lightweight so easy to carry and handle easily.

ZLT840 Extra Features

  • EX / H2S / O2 / CO Monitor Alarm
  • Large LCD display
  • IP65 Protection level
  • DC3.7V Li-on, 1800mAh power source
  • ±3%FS accuracy
  • Power the on/off button & enter the button
  • High sensitive sensor inside
  • Up to 6 hours of charging time
  • Light alarm
  • Measuring gas
    • Oxygen (O2)
    • Carbon monoxide(CO
    • Hydrogen sulfide(H2S)
    • Combustible gas(Ex/LEL)
  • Measuring range
    • 0-100 ppm
    • 0-1000 ppm
    • 0-100 %LEL
    • 0-30%vol
  • Sensor
    • O2 /H2S / CO Electrochemical
    • Ex/LEL Catalytic combustion
  • Resolution
    • 0.1 ppm
    • 0.1 %LEL
    • 0.1 %Vol
  • Package included
    • 1 x Multi-Gas Detector
    • 1 x power adapter
    • 1 x user manual
  • -20℃~50℃ Working Environment
  • 245 x 210 x 70mm dimension
  • Plug Type US plug, EU plug, UK plug, AU plug

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