KVM Switch Price in Bangladesh

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KVM Switch Buying in Bangladesh

KVM switch hardware device can be used with a keyboard, monitor and mouse setup to control multiple computers simultaneously. Currently, KVM switch in BD is commonly used in data centers, server rooms and other IT-related companies. As a result, administrators can manage multiple computers from one place for work needs. Also plays an important role in server decluttering, energy saving and boosting work speed. Moreover, the use of KVM switches has increased to a great extent in Bangladesh today as it is an efficient and cost-effective solution per the growing demand for managing multiple computers.

How many type of KVM switch is available in BD?

Various type of KVM switch is available in Bangladesh as per the needs and requirements of the users. Now, let's know about the notable KVM switch available in BD:

Desktop KVM Switch: Desktop KVM switch is primarily designed for use in small to medium-sized businesses or offices. This type of KVM switch can typically manage up to four computers using a single console.

Rack-Mount KVM Switch: Rack-mount KVM switch is typically designed for use in a data center or server room. This type of KVM switch basically consists of a single console panel with a 19-inch display that can be easily mounted on a rack. Even multiple computers can be easily managed from a designated location.

Also, IP-based KVM switches, wireless KVM switches and secure KVM switches with advanced encryption are available in Bangladesh today.

What is the price of KVM switch?

KVM switch price in Bangladesh starts from TK 4,500 which has 2-4 ports and usually the price varies depending on the switch type, brand and advanced features. However, currently, the price of a KVM switch in BD with 8-16 port number, an advanced security system starts from TK 26,000.

What to look for before buying a KVM switch?

Several factors should be considered before purchasing a KVM switch that will meet user requirements. So let's know about the things that must be considered before buying:

  • Before purchasing a KVM switch, first, consider how many computers can be connected and managed as needed.
  • KVM switches have a variety of connectivity options including HDMI, VGA, DVI and DisplayPort. So before buying a KVM switch, check whether it will be compatible with the computer and display device used.
  • Verify that the KVM switch supports the display resolution of the computer.
  • Hotkeys are used in KVM switches for quick and easy switching of computers for user convenience. So before buying a KVM switch should be selected with compatible hotkeys.
  • If you need to connect a USB device to the computer, you should check whether the KVM switch has enough USB ports before purchase.
  • If it is necessary to handle audio from a computer, it should be checked whether the KVM switch has an audio connection.
  • IP-based KVM switch should be selected if remote computer management is desired.
  • KVM switches with advanced features including authentication and data encryption should be considered to keep data and systems secure.

What is the advantage of KVM switch?

KVM switches basically help to increase data center, server performance and increase security besides providing substantial cost savings. However, KVM switches offer specific benefits depending on the user's needs and requirements. So let's know about some important points in buying a KVM switch in Bangladesh:

1. Productivity Enhancement: With the KVM switch, the user can control multiple computers from a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple keyboards, mice and monitors and speeds up work.

2. Cost Effective: Multiple computers can be managed using a single console through a KVM switch, eliminating the need for hardware like multiple keyboards, mice and monitors. KVM switches will also help reduce the amount of space required for multiple systems, thereby saving real estate costs.

3. Clutter Reduction: KVM eliminates the need for multiple keyboards, mice, and monitors on switches and helps reduce cable clutter. It helps to keep the workplace clean and organized, which will subsequently lead to improved productivity.

4. Advanced Security Feature: KVM switch has advanced security features like encryption and authentication. thereby helping to protect sensitive data and systems from unauthorized access.

5. Remote Control Management: Using KVM switches, users can remotely control computers through any network or the Internet. As a result, it will play a useful role for IT experts to manage servers or other systems remotely.

Best KVM Switch Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best kvm switch list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best kvm switch list has been created based on the interest for kvm switch buyers of BD Stall.

KVM Switch Model Price in BD
8-Port KVM Switch with Console Monitor ৳ 90,000
Dongle SCM-2200D USB DVI KVM Adapter Cable ৳ 6,000
LevelOne KVM-1631 16-Port PS/2-USB VGA KVM Switch ৳ 45,000
LevelOne KVM-0831 8-Port PS/2 USB VGA KVM Switch ৳ 35,000
Aten KA7168 HDMI KVM Adapter Cable ৳ 5,800
Safenet SN-KC6816S 16-Port Stacking VGA KVM Switch ৳ 235,000
Levelone KVM-0421 4-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio ৳ 6,000
Aten KA7570 USB VGA KVM Adapter Cable ৳ 2,700
Safenet SN-KC7808S 8-Port KVM Switch ৳ 170,000