ECG Machine Price in Bangladesh

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ECG is an important medical device used in modern healthcare, which is mainly used to diagnose the heart condition of the human body. ECG machine is also known as an electrocardiograph in Bangladesh. Multiple electrodes from this type of device are usually attached to the patient's chest, arms, and legs to detect the electrical signals generated by the heart and transmit them to the machine in the form of a graph. A doctor later diagnoses the patient with irregular heartbeats, ischemia, and heart muscle abnormalities. With technological advancement, ECG machines with compact sizes and user-friendly interface is available at affordable price in Bangladesh, which are widely used in government, private hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and rural health service centers.

Why use an ECG machine?

1. The primary purpose of using an ECG machine is to monitor the condition of the heart. This type of machine gives an idea about the heart rate and overall condition.

2. An ECG machine is used for regular check-ups of people recovering from heart attacks or suffering from arrhythmias.

3. An ECG machine can be monitored during exercise to check the condition of the patient's heart during physical activity.

4. In addition, an ECG machine is used to check the cardiac status of patients before surgery, thereby easily detecting any cardiac abnormalities during the operation.

5. Signs of reduced blood flow to the heart, problems with heart valves, etc. can also be easily detected with the EGC machine.

What is the price of an ECG machine in Bangladesh?

ECG machine price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 45,000, usually equipped with a foldable LCD screen, attractive waveform display, and built-in 3-channel thermal printer. Moreover, ECG machine price in Bangladesh varies depending on factors such as channel, specification, features, and model.

6 Channel ECG Machine Price

6 channel ECG machine is usually available in the range of Tk 85,000, allowing for a wider range of ECG test records and additional channel facilities. The 6 channel ECG machine is suitable for use in medium-sized clinics and hospitals in Bangladesh.

12 channel ECG machine Price

12 channel ECG machine is available in the budget of Tk 120,000 to Tk 140,000 in Bangladesh. This type of machine provides a high level of diagnostic capability in capturing ECG waveforms. 12 channel ECG machine is commonly used in large-scale hospitals and cardiac care centers.

What to look for before buying an ECG machine?

Accuracy and Performance: It should be verified whether the ECG machine provides good accuracy in providing electrocardiograph records and details. It also needs to be verified if it is effective enough to detect and diagnose various cardiac conditions including arrhythmias and ischemia.

User interface: User-friendly interface should be selected in case of use with multiple operating systems. Also, portable and lightweight ECG machines should be selected, so that are easy to set up, operate, and transport.

Data Management and Connectivity: It should be checked whether the ECG machine has the facility to store and retrieve patient data. Check whether USB or Bluetooth connectivity is available for seamless connectivity to electronic medical record systems for efficient data transfer and analysis.

ECG machine display: The EGC machine has to be verified to have a quality display for proper viewing of the patient's heart rate graph. An ECG machine with a good display will be quite helpful for monitoring the heart condition of the patient.

Warranty: When purchasing an ECG machine, one must check the warranty and after-sales service, so that in case of any defect in the use of the ECG machine, an immediate servicing facility is available.

Best ECG Machine Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2024

ECG Machine Model Price in BD
Edan SE-601B 6-Channel ECG Machine with Auto Report ৳ 85,000
EDAN VE-300 3-Channel Veterinary ECG Machine ৳ 90,000
Carewell ECG-1112L 12-CH Electrocardiograph ECG Machine ৳ 138,000