Exhaust Fan

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৳ 11,500
16 hours ago
Axial 18" Drum Blower Fan

MS plate body material, spun flange included, aluminum propeller, 1 phase, 50Hz power supply, 220 volt voltage rate,...

৳ 24,500
17 hours ago
Exhaust Fan for Poultry / Garment / Industry

Exhaust fan for poultry farm / garment and industries has 1220mm diameter, fiber reinforced plastic body and propeller...

৳ 57,000
12 hours ago
Rooftop Exhaust Fan FRP Body and Propeller Material

Rooftop exhaust fan has 1220nm diameter, fiber reinforced plastic, 3-phase, 430 RPM motor speed, <65 noise level,...

৳ 14,500
17 hours ago
Garments Exhaust Blower Fan

high ventilation capacity industrial type exhaust fan at different size and capacity. Body: Galvanized Steel....

৳ 5,500
17 hours ago
Textiles Ventilation Fan

Natural Wind Ventilation Fan That Will Run Round The Year Without Any Electricity And Maintenance. For any further...

৳ 32,500
12 days ago
Ventilation Fan for Generator Room

Ventilation fan for generator room is ideal to exhaust hot air quickly and keep the room temperature cool.

৳ 15,500
17 hours ago
Industrial Exhaust Blower Fan

High ventilation capacity industrial type exhaust fan at different size and capacity. Body: Galvanized Steel....

৳ 52,500
16 hours ago
Industrial Centrifugal Fan

350mm suction dia, 1450 RPM motor, 12000 m3/hr air flow, 5 KW motor, 440 volt, 3-phase voltage, mild steel body...

৳ 85,000
16 hours ago
Axial 42" Blower Fan

1066 mm diameter, MS plate body material, aluminum alloy propeller material, 3 phase 50Hz power supply, 11KW power...

৳ 57,000
15 hours ago
Rooftop Exhaust Fan

Standard China origin motor, 1220 mm fan diameter, 46500 m3/hr air flow rate, 1HP motor, 380 volt voltage, 3 phase,...

৳ 60,000
5 months ago
Industrial Evaporator 18000 m3/h Air Cooling Machine

1 motor 1.1kW, 4 blades, cooling pump, 18000 m3/h air cooling speed, and cooling pad.

৳ 5,500
5 months ago
Rooftop Natural Turbine Ventilator Fan

Powerless rooftop natural turbine ventilator fan. It works by force of wind and ventilates hot and dusty air over the...

৳ 12,000
5 months ago
Industrial Drum 24" Blower Fan

24-inch size drum blower fan is locally made and heavy duty.

৳ 25,000
5 months ago
Industrial 1060 mm Fiber Cone Exhaust Fan

Fiber 1060 mm cone exhaust fan.

৳ 60,000
5 months ago
Industrial 20 RT Cooling Tower

20 RT capacity, innovative designs using latest cooling tower technologies, long life construction, compact and...

৳ 14,000
5 months ago
Power Exhaust Shutter Fan

SS shutter, blade exhaust fan system, 1380 x 1380 x 400 mm size, made in China.