Exhaust Fan Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Exhaust Fan Buying in Bangladesh

Exhaust fan is mainly used to control or circulate air properly in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and industrial areas. Exhaust fan is usually quite effective in improving the quality of hot and cold air inside enclosed rooms as well as keeping the room environment comfortable. Also, exhaust fan is commonly known as an adjust fan, or blower fan in BD. Due to the temperate climate of Bangladesh, the demand for exhaust fan in homes, offices, and industrial plants has increased to a great extent. Currently, domestic brands like RFL, Vision, and Walton, as well as China brand exhaust fan, is available at affordable price in Bangladesh.

Why buy Exhaust Fan?

1. Good ventilation is very important to maintain a healthy environment in homes, offices, warehouses, and factories. In this case, the exhaust fan plays an effective role in maintaining a healthy environment in such confined spaces.

2. Staying in any enclosed room with excessive heat, especially during summer increases the discomfort as well as the possibility of getting sick. Therefore, using exhaust fan helps maintain a cool environment by quickly removing hot air from the room.

3. Odors in enclosed spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, warehouses, and factories are easily expelled and fresh air from outside enters the room. As a result, the use of exhaust fan plays a helpful role in maintaining a healthy environment in these places.

4. Also, enclosed rooms or large spaces in humid environments are more likely to become damp, which can have detrimental effects on health. In this case, exhaust fan remove the moist air in the required area. As a result, a dry and fresh environment is maintained in the used room.

5. Industrial areas in Bangladesh, apart from garments, textiles, and various factories are usually densely populated. In this case, the rate of air pollution is also very high. The use of exhaust fan in these densely populated areas reduces air pollution and removes various allergens released with human breath. As a result, it provides an effective environment for people with respiratory and allergy problems to stay safe.

6. Additionally, exhaust fan is typically 70 to 80 percent more energy efficient than air conditioners and other air purification systems. As a result, the cost of using the exhaust fan is much less.

What to look for before buying Exhaust Fan?

Size of Exhaust Fan: Before buying an exhaust fan, check the size of the room or the space used. Moreover, the size of the fan should be proportional to the space where it will be installed.

Airflow Capacity: Check whether the exhaust fan has effective airflow capacity to effectively remove pollutants and circulate air properly, along with the area used.

Noise Level: Exhaust fan is usually set up in kitchens, bathrooms, and factories in densely populated areas. So before buying an exhaust fan, you must check the noise level of the fan, which will help to maintain a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Powerful Motor: The motor associated with the exhaust fan has to be verified to provide high-performance capability and save power consumption.

Type of Exhaust Fan: Various type of exhaust fan is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh for homes, offices, and mills generally with wall, window, and ceiling mounting facilities. So before buying an exhaust fan, the type of fan should be considered considering the place of installation. Window mountable exhaust fan is usually installed in bathrooms and kitchens of homes or offices.

Quality and Durability: Before buying an exhaust fan one must consider the build quality, rust resistance, and durable blades attached to the motor. As a result, the exhaust fan will ensure long-lasting performance.

Warranty: Before buying an exhaust fan, one should check the brand as well as the after-sales facility.

Other Feature: In addition to kitchen and bathroom exhaust fan, industrial exhaust fan is available at affordable price in Bangladesh. Industrial fan is generally used in large areas and built with advanced features. So before buying this type of exhaust fan, things like timer, humidity sensor, and speed change settings should be checked.

How much does an Exhaust Fan cost?

Exhaust fan in Bangladesh is available on a budget of 400 to 1500 Taka. However, the price of an exhaust fan usually varies depending on the size, fan type, quality, brand, and other features.

  • Kitchen Exhaust Fan Price: Kitchen exhaust fan price in Bangladesh generally starts from Tk 750, which is made of PVC plastic, is energy efficient, and is 8 to 10 inches in size. Also, kitchen exhaust fan price varies depending on size, build quality and blade type.
  • Industrial Exhaust Fan Price: Industrial exhaust fan price in Bangladesh start from Tk 6,000, which is made of a double wheel design, are low noise, and can be easily mounted on the wall. Also, rooftop, drum, and blower-type industrial exhaust fan is available in Bangladesh within the budget of Tk 17,000 to Tk 80,000 to control the ventilation of large areas.

Also, considering the quality as well as the size of the space used, the right exhaust fan should be purchased, which will be effective enough to properly control the air and maintain a healthy environment.