Bike Price in Bangladesh 2023

What style is best for ride?

Modern motorbikes are usually made in a variety of styles or designs. Notable among these are Cruiser, Sports, Touring, Standard and Dual-Purpose.

Oil or Electric - which one shoud be bought?

Two types of bikes are now available in the market one is oil powered motorbike and the other is electric motorbike.

The bikes that are usually powered by petrol or octane are called oil-powered bikes. The engines of this type of motorcycle tend to be much more powerful and can cover many long distances at once. It will continue as long as there is oil.

The bikes that run the motor with electricity are electric bikes. The motors of these bikes are comparatively less powerful. These bikes are suitable for crossing certain amounts of path. This bike will run as long as the charge of the bike remains high.

What should be the minimum fuel tank capacity?

The fuel tank capacity of a motorcycle is an important aspect. Not all fuel tank capacity is the same, its capacity is determined according to the motorcycle. A minimum of 5 liters and a maximum of 15 liters are available. It should be selected depending on the use.

What should be the mileage?

The higher the CC of the motorcycle, the lower the mileage, but you should buy a bike that travels a minimum of 40 km per liter.

What brake system is best for Bangladesh?

A motorbike has a variety of braking systems, the safest of which are disc brakes or hydraulic braking systems and ABS or anti-lock braking systems.

Kick vs Self - Which is the best?

Earlier motor bikes had only one starting system but with the change of time now the bike has been added to the shelf and kick starting engine. Self starting engine is good for ease of use.

What is the price of Bike in Bangladesh?

Bike price in Bangladesh is mainly determined on the basis of engine cc and engine rpm. Bikes are available in Bangladesh between a minimum of TK 77,000 to a maximum of TK 6,00,000. The prices of 100 cc bikes are relatively low. On the other hand, bikes with the same engine cc have huge price differences due to different engine rpm. However, generally sports series bikes are comparatively more expensive.

Best Bike Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for October, 2023

Bike Model Price in BD
Suzuki Gixxer SF DD Carburetor 2021 ৳ 235,000
Runner Royal Plus 110cc 2022 ৳ 63,000
Yamaha FZS V2 2022 ৳ 218,000
Bajaj Discover 100cc DC Ignition 4-Stroke Engine Motorbike ৳ 68,500
Runner Royal Plus 110 CC 2018 ৳ 40,000
Yamaha FZS V2 DD FI 2022 ৳ 215,000
Keeway RKS V3 2019 ৳ 68,000
Runner Bolt 2022 ৳ 110,000
Keeway RKS 125 2015 ৳ 95,000
Suzuki Gixxer SF 2020 ৳ 218,000