Suzuki Bike Price in Bangladesh

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Suzuki is a bike brand which is made by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturing company Suzuki Motor Corporation. Motorcycle of this brand is high quality, with advanced engines and attractive designs. Moreover, it offers various model of bike including sports bike, street bike, and off-road bike to provide a thrilling experience on daily commutes or long drives. Also, Suzuki bike with advanced braking systems, fuel injection technology, and digital instrument cluster is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh, so that gaining huge popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts and riders.

Why buy Suzuki Bike?

1. Suzuki bike is generally reliable and durable as they are made with strong build quality. As a result, driving can be done comfortably on any type of road including highways, and rural area roads.

2. This brand is fuel efficient, saving riders fuel costs. Hence, Suzuki bike is suitable for daily commuting or long-distance travel.

3. Moreover, many Suzuki motorcycle has V-twin engines, which provide excellent torque and horsepower. Long drives are comfortable as this type of engine provides powerful performance.

4. According to customer needs and preferences, Suzuki supplies motorcycles with attractive designs of various models, starting from normal bikes to scooters, and intruders. As a result, anyone can buy a Suzuki bike according to their budget and preferences.

5. Suzuki bike features balanced frames, comfortable seats, and optimized handlebars and footpegs to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

6. Suzuki has its servicing centers and dealership points all over Bangladesh. As a result, after-sales service, spare parts, and maintenance services are easily available after buying a Suzuki bike.

7. Suzuki brand bike is quite popular for providing reliable performance. As a result, Suzuki bike get better resale value when upgrading or selling them.

8. Also, Suzuki offers different models such as sports motorcycles, comfortable commuters, or off-road adventure bikes to suit different riding preferences and needs. As a result, Suzuki bike that suit specific requirements and riding style is easily available.

How much mileage does Suzuki Bike give?

Suzuki bike is very popular among motorcycle enthusiasts and riders in BD mainly because of their superior performance and reliable performance. The average mileage of a Suzuki bike varies mainly depending on factors such as model and riding style, traffic conditions, and maintenance. However, Suzuki bike usually gives a mileage of around 40-50 km/l in city area and 50-60 km/l on highway. Moreover, Suzuki bike provides better mileage along with regular servicing, proper chain drive cleaning, tire pressure control, and use of lubricants.

What is the maximum speed of Suzuki Bike?

Suzuki offers different speeds depending on the model. However, the popular Suzuki GSX-R150 model bike has a top speed of 160 km/h  in Bangladesh.

What are the popular model of Suzuki Bike?

Suzuki offers a wide range of models of bikes, scooters, and Intruder motorcycles as per customer needs and preferences. Currently, Suzuki Gixxer, Suzuki Gixxer SF, Suzuki Hayate, Suzuki Access, Suzuki Gixxer 250 and Suzuki Intruder bikes are among the popular models of Suzuki brand bike in Bangladesh.

Where to buy Suzuki Bike?

Suzuki bike importer Runcon Motorcycles Limited has its authorized dealer points almost everywhere in Bangladesh. As a result, Suzuki bike, Suzuki scooter, and Suzuki Intruder bike of various cc capacity is usually available according to the needs and preferences. Moreover, used and new-condition Suzuki bike is available at low price on popular online marketplace in Bangladesh. As a result, anyone can check the price and specifications of their preferred Suzuki bike online and buy it directly through Bdstall.

How much does Suzuki Bike cost?

The price of all Suzuki bike varies mainly depending on the model, specification, country variant, etc. Suzuki bike price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 107,000, which is a 110 cc motorcycle with 4 stroke engine, 1 cylinder with an attractive design. Also, 125 cc to 155 cc Suzuki bike, and Suzuki scooter are available within the budget of Tk 140,000 to Tk 250,000 in BD. Stylish Suzuki motorcycle with high CC capacity, powerful engines, and attractive designs are available between Tk 300,000 to Tk 430,000 in Bangladesh.

Best Suzuki Bike Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for March, 2024

Suzuki Bike Model Price in BD
Suzuki Gixxer SF DD 2019 ৳ 185,000
Suzuki Gixxer 150cc DD ৳ 165,000
Suzuki Gixxer SF 155cc ৳ 140,000
Suzuki Gixxer SF 2020 ৳ 218,000
Suzuki Hayate 113cc ৳ 107,950
Suzuki Access 125cc Scooter ৳ 140,000
Suzuki GSX 125cc ৳ 141,950
Suzuki Hayate EP 110cc ৳ 107,950
Suzuki Samurai 150cc ৳ 149,950
Suzuki GSX-R150 DD ABS ৳ 429,950