Air Compressor Price in Bangladesh

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Air Compressor Buying in Bangladesh

Air compressors convert electrical energy into wind energy. Air compressors create pressure by reducing the volume of air or compressing air and delivering the air at high pressure. Air compressors have a storage tank to store the pressurized air. Nowadays air compressors are used with various industrial machines. Air compressors are widely used in Bangladesh, especially for airing the wheels of vehicles. Moreover, it is used for cleaning various things and also in medical field.

What to look for before buying an air compressor?

Nowadays, air compressors are used for various tasks. Therefore, the air compressor should be purchased with some considerations as per the requirements.

Electric motor: The main driving force of the air compressor is the electric motor. The entire work of compressing the air and increasing the air pressure is dependent on the electric motor. The power of an electric motor is expressed in HP (Horsepower). The higher the horsepower of the electric motor, the more air pressure it can generate. Hence, the air compressor motor horsepower should be purchased based on the requirement.

Air Pressure: The main function of an air compressor is to supply high-pressure air. Therefore, before buying an air compressor, it must be checked whether the air compressor can provide the required air pressure for the work in which it will be used.

Storage Tank Capacity: Air compressors basically compress air and store it in storage tanks so that high-pressure air can be supplied when needed. The larger the storage tank, the more pressurized air it can store. Therefore, the air compressor machine should be purchased considering the storage tank capacity as per the requirement.

Silent Working System: Most air compressors have a special type of silencer that makes less noise while running. Air compressor machine without silencer makes a loud noise while running. Therefore, one should buy air compressor machines that have a silent working system.

Safety System: Check whether the air compressor has a temperature safety system in particular. If the air compressor machine overheats, the temperature safety system will sound an alarm. So safety measures must be considered before buying an air compressor.

Maintenance of air compressor machines.

There are several things to keep in mind to maintain the air compressor machine. To be done regularly:

  • Air filter should be checked regularly and changed on time.
  • Oil filter should be checked and changed periodically.
  • Oil separator should be checked regularly.
  • Oil should be changed when it turns black.
  • Air compressor should be cleaned regularly.

What is the price of an air compressor in Bangladesh?

Air compressor price in Bangladesh is determined based on motor quality, capacity, and storage tank capacity. Air compressors are available from a minimum of TK 15,000 to a maximum of TK 1,70,000. On the other hand, tankless air compressor machines known as air pump machines are available between TK 3,000 to TK 15,000. These air pumps only provide an instant boost of air pressure.

Best Air Compressor Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Air Compressor Model Price in BD
Baseus BS-CG016 Wireless Car Inflator Pump ৳ 4,650
Dental Medical Oil-Free Air Compressor 100L ৳ 55,000
Oil-Free Air Compressor 50L ৳ 38,000
Lida 500 Liter Air Compressor ৳ 140,000
Lida 300 Liter Piston Air Compressor ৳ 85,000
Electric Air Pump ৳ 800
Resun LP-100 Low Noise Air Pump ৳ 10,500