First Aid Box Price in Bangladesh

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First Aid Buying in Bangladesh

First aid box is a useful item in our daily life. Many times, while doing various tasks, many people may suddenly get into an accident. In such a situation it is possible to cure the sick person by providing some first aid. However, various medicines, bandages, ointments etc. are needed for primary treatment. And to keep them organized, a first aid box is needed. Different sizes of first aid boxes are available in Bangladesh.

What is in a first aid box?

A first aid box consists of several things. Listed below are the contents of a first aid box:

Gauze Bandage: Gauze bandage is a very important material. It can be used to stop the flow of blood if hands, feet, head are cut.

Cotton: It is better to use cotton while using various antiseptics on the cut. Try to keep the packet cotton.

Crepe Bandage: If any bone in the body is broken or sprained somewhere, using crepe bandage reduces the pain. So it is better to keep crepe bandage in the first aid box.

Surgical Bandage: It is used in case of wound. It is also called one time bandage. Surgical bandage is an important item that is absolutely necessary to keep in the first aid box.

Scissors: Scissors are needed to cut gauze, bandages or other items or clothing as required. So keep it.

Tweezers or Forceps: The wound contains tiny sticky dirt that cannot be removed with cotton or washed with water. Again, if glass or a needle enters, it can be removed with the help of tweezers.

Surgical Gloves: Never touch a wound directly with your hand, as the germs in the hand can enter the wound and the germs from the wound can come to the hand. Therefore surgical gloves should be used which are considered as first aid box items.

Disinfectant or antiseptic: Keeping disinfectant or antiseptic in the first aid box is especially necessary. With the help of antiseptic steps can be taken to prevent the wound from becoming infected.

Medicines: Paracetamol, gastric medicine, antibiotics, painkillers, upset stomach medicine, dizziness and vomiting medicine, eating saline, burn cream, painkiller ointment, allergy medicine etc. are very useful in special moments. It is also good to keep water purification tablets in the first aid box.

Thermometer: Thermometer is an important tool for measuring human body temperature. So thermometer should be kept in the first aid box.

What is the price of first aid box in Bangladesh?

First aid box in Bangladesh costs only 450 Taka and better quality ones will cost a bit more. This box contains various items for first aid. There are also different types of first aid boxes in Bangladesh with prices depending on quality, size and other features.