Camera Tripod

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৳ 2,400
18 days ago
Simpex Camera Tripod VCT 690 3-Dimensional Damping Head

Simpex video camera tripod VCT 690 has 3-dimensional damping head which extends up to 1460 mm, portability, built-in...

৳ 399
3 days ago
Weifeng WT-3110A 42-Inch Lightweight Aluminum Camera Tripod

Weifeng WT-3110A lightweight aluminum camera tripod has three way head, 2 kg max load capacity, 1020 mm max height,...

৳ 9,000
18 days ago
Simpex TH 650 Photo and Video Tripod Photographic Equipment

Simpex TH 650 photo and video tripod photographic equipment has complete tripod kit, aluminum construction, up to 6.5...

৳ 17,500
1 day ago
Libec TH-650HD Camera Tripod 59 Inch Height Two-Stage Leg

Libec TH-650HD camera tripod has 59 inch maximum height, head with spring-loaded counter balance, 65 mm leveling ball,...

৳ 12,500
9 hours ago
Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal For Mobile Filmmakers

Zhiyun smooth 4 3-axis handheld gimbal for mobile filmmakers has stabilizer with focus pull and zoom capability for...

৳ 699
14 hours ago
TeFeng TF-3110 3-Way Head DSLR and Digital Camera Tripod

TEFENG TF-3110 camera tripod for DSLR and compact cameras has 3-way head, 35-102cm height, 36cm folded lens, plate with...

৳ 4,800
18 days ago
Simpex VCT 899 Photo and Video Monopod Camera Stand

Simpex VCT 899 photo and video monopod camera stand has flexible head and high quality material.

৳ 750
14 hours ago
TeFeng TF-3110 4-Aluminum Legs Digital Camera Tripod

TeFeng TF-3110 camera has 3-way head platform, maximum versatility, 4-section aluminum legs, 35-102cm height, 36cm...

৳ 1,100
4 days ago
YunTeng VCT-5208 43cm 360° Moving Head Angle Tripod

Yunteng VCT-5208 camera / mobile tripod has 360 degree moving head angle, 90 degree tilt downward, title up 65 degree,...

৳ 750
14 hours ago
TeFeng TF-3110 Portable 4-Leg Digital Camera Tripod

TeFeng TF-3110 camera has 4-section aluminum legs, 3-way head platform, 35-102cm height, 36cm folded lens, maximum...