Camera Tripod

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৳ 16,000
2 days ago
Libec TH-650DV Video & DSLR Tripod Camera Stand

Libec TH-650DV tripod camera stand, Its fluid head a counterbalanced mechanism which compensates for the camcorders...

৳ 699
17 hours ago
TeFeng TF-3110 3-Way Head DSLR and Digital Camera Tripod

TEFENG TF-3110 camera tripod for DSLR and compact cameras has 3-way head, 35-102cm height, 36cm folded lens, plate with...

৳ 700
17 hours ago
Motorcycle Helmet Bracket Action Camera Mount

Chin mount, slip design, adjustable belt, easy to install and remove provides the best angle for POV shooting, silicone...

৳ 1,200
4 days ago
Digipod TR452 Compact Lightweight Camera Tripod

Built-in aluminum material, 1710 mm maximum extended length, 630 mm folded length, pushes lever to lock, strong handle,...

৳ 2,200
2 days ago
Yunteng VCT 691 Portable Aluminum Camera Tripod

Camera / mobile tripod 360 degree moving head angle, 1 / 4” screw interface compatible, 4-section column leg with...

৳ 1,300
2 days ago
Digipod TR 564 Lightweight Portable Camera Tripod

Pull-type locking design, 360 degrees ball head, aluminum alloy tripod tube, counter weight hook, quick release plate,...

৳ 1,800
2 days ago
Simpex Camera Tripod VCT 690 3-Dimensional Damping Head

Simpex video camera tripod VCT 690 3-dimensional damping head which extends up to 1460 mm, portability, built-in bubble...

৳ 700
17 hours ago
Motorcycle Helmet Strap Chin Mount for Action Camera

Action camera accessories kit, compatible with EKEN / SOOCOO / GoPro / Sjcam action camera.

৳ 1,000
2 days ago
YunTeng VCT-5208 43cm 360° Moving Head Angle Tripod

Yunteng VCT-5208 camera / mobile tripod has 360 degree moving head angle, 90 degree tilt downward, title up 65 degree,...

৳ 8,500
4 days ago
Simpex 670 Video Camera Tripod

Designed for video shooting, load capacity 10000g, height 802 mm - 1722 mm, 3 leg selection, flip lock, hydraulic head.

৳ 3,000
2 days ago
Yunteng VCT880 3 Dimensional Damping Head Kit Camera Tripod

Solid / portable and affordable professional camera tripod, three dimensional damping head, 90 degree vertical swivel...

৳ 7,800
4 days ago
Simpex 99 DSLR Monopod

Designed for SLR / DSLR / semi-DSLR camera, height 708 mm - 1780 mm, load capacity 10 Kg.

৳ 8,000
2 days ago
Simpex TH 650 Photo and Video Tripod Photographic Equipment

Simpex TH 650 photo and video tripod photographic equipment has complete tripod kit, aluminum construction, up to 6.5...

৳ 12,500
2 days ago
Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal For Mobile Filmmakers

Zhiyun smooth 4 3-axis handheld gimbal for mobile filmmakers has stabilizer with focus pull and zoom capability for...

৳ 17,500
20 days ago
Libec TH-650HD Camera Tripod 59 Inch Height Two-Stage Leg

Libec TH-650HD camera tripod has 59 inch maximum height, head with spring-loaded counter balance, 65 mm leveling ball,...

৳ 750
4 months ago
TeFeng TF-3110 Portable 4-Leg Digital Camera Tripod

TeFeng TF-3110 camera has 4-section aluminum legs, 3-way head platform, 35-102cm height, 36cm folded lens, maximum...