Laptop Battery Price in Bangladesh

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Laptop battery provides long time backup. Battery cells weaken over time so battery replacement is required to maintain maximum backup at all times. Most laptop batteries are Chinese batteries so can be replaced very cheaply within Tk 1000. However, original laptop batteries are also available in Bangladesh in which case you need to match the brand and model.

How many type of laptop battery is available in Bangladesh?

Generally, three type of laptop battery is available in Bangladesh.

1. Lithium-ion laptop battery: Li-ion battery is commonly used in laptop. This type of laptop battery provides high-energy density. As a result, lithium-ion laptop battery can be used safely for a long time.

2. Lithium-Polymer Laptop Battery: Li-Po battery is known for their flexible and lightweight design. This type of laptop battery is available in different sizes and shapes. As a result, lithium-polymer laptop battery is suitable for use in thin and compact-sized laptop.

3. Nickel-Metal Hydride Laptop Battery: NiMH battery is rarely used in laptop today. However, this type of laptop battery is quite environmentally friendly. Moreover, the shelf discharge rate is much higher than that of Li-ion and Li-Po battery, so they lose charge even when not in use. Nickel-metal hydride laptop battery is commonly used in an old laptop. Currently, it is less commonly available in the Bangladeshi market.

Which is better between lithium-ion Laptop Battery or lithium-polymer Laptop Battery?

Lithium-ion battery is widely used in laptop due to their high energy density. On the other hand, lithium-polymer battery is suitable for thin and light-weight laptop. Lithium-ion laptop battery lasts longer than lithium-polymer laptop battery. However, lithium-polymer battery is much safer thermally and less prone to accidents than lithium-ion battery. Currently, both type of laptop battery is widely used in Bangladesh. Li-ion and Li-Po laptop battery price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand and capacity. However, Li-ion laptop battery tends to be more affordable than Li-Po laptop battery.

How much does Laptop Battery cost?

Currently, laptop battery price in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on the brand, capacity, and quality. Laptop battery price in BD starts at Tk 950 for 6-cell lithium battery with capacities ranging from 4400 to 5200 mAh. Besides, various brands of laptop battery including MacBook, HP, and Dell is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh. However, the cost of lithium-ion laptop battery is relatively high.

Things to consider while buying Laptop Battery

Several factors are essential to consider while buying the best laptop battery as per the needs and requirements. The following points should be checked while buying a laptop battery

Battery Type: Various type of laptop battery is available including Li-ion, Li-Po. However, laptop battery charge backup, durability, and battery life vary by type. So when buying a laptop battery, the type of battery must be verified.

Quality: Popular brand of laptop battery is available at affordable price in the Bangladeshi market. However, in buying a laptop battery, one needs to consider the brand as well as check the battery build quality. Moreover, compatible laptop battery also provides good charge backup at a considerably lower price.

Model compatibility: When buying a laptop battery, the brand should be matched with the model of the laptop. So, the laptop will get good battery backup as well as ensure long-lasting usage.

Power Capacity: Laptop battery is generally of different power capacities. Also, this type of battery is measured in milliampere-hours or watt-hours. Therefore, when buying a laptop battery, choose a battery with a high power capacity, which will provide a long battery life.

Voltage: When buying a new laptop battery to replace a laptop battery, the compatible voltage with the laptop must be considered.

Laptop battery life cycle: The life cycle of a laptop battery is that the battery will not charge and discharge after a certain period. Laptop battery usually last 2-5 years without any problems. However, laptop battery life cycle varies depending on laptop usage, application run, and power management settings. Therefore, before buying a laptop battery, one must check the life cycle of the battery.

What warranty is available when buying Laptop Battery in Bangladesh?

When buying laptop battery in Bangladesh, most laptop brand come with a warranty on their battery. Laptop battery warranty usually ranges from 1 to 3 months. If any defect occurs in the battery during this warranty period, the user can get it replaced or repaired free of charge.

Which brand of Laptop Battery is available in Bangladesh?

Various popular laptop brand like Dell, HP, and Asus laptop battery is available in Bangladesh. These brands are now well-known and offer a wide range of laptop battery. Also, China-brand laptop battery of different power capacity is available. This battery is priced cheaper than branded battery and provides effective battery backup as needed.

How long does a compatible laptop battery typically have charge backup?

Both original and compatible laptop battery is available at affordable price in Bangladesh. Depending on the laptop brand, the cost of replacing the laptop battery is slightly higher. However, compatible laptop battery or China laptop battery is available at low price in the Bangladeshi market and can be used effectively. Moreover, a charge backup of around 2:30 to 3 hours is available using a compatible laptop battery.