Safety Harness Price in Bangladesh

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Safety Belt Buying in Bangladesh

Safety belt is basically a type of protective equipment. It is used as one of the tools to provide safety in working in various hazardous places including construction projects, multi store buildings, mobile network towers and electrical pillars in Bangladesh. Moreover, safety harness is designed to prevent accidental falls of engineers or workers from various heights, keep drivers and passengers safe from accidents while driving, and carry small children easily. Nowadays, safety belt is available at an affordable price on popular online marketplace for providing safety to people of all ages, from children.

How many type of Safety Belt is available in Bangladesh?

Various type of safety belt is available at affordable price in Bangladesh for easy carrying of children and in various industrial areas, construction projects, driving.

Full Body Safety Harness: Full body safety belt is designed with straps and buckles to protect the whole body of engineers, workers. It is generally suitable for use in construction sites, tower installations and other high-risk work environments. Full body safety belt price in Bangladesh is available between Tk 2,000 to Tk 3500.

Positioning Safety Belt: Positioning safety belt is primarily designed to provide stability to workers while working at various heights. It helps the workers to work comfortably in a stable condition in Bangladesh such as mobile network towers, electric pillars or building wall plastering, painting and there is no risk of falling.

Climbing Safety Belt: Climbing safety belt is specially designed to assist in climbing hills, trees and other vertical areas. This type of belt has adjustable straps and buckles to ensure a secure fit and keep it from falling while climbing. Climbing safety belt is available in the budget of Tk 2,500 to Tk 6,000.

Baby Safety Belt: It is essential to ensure the safety of a small child or a baby, especially in a car, when traveling to distant places. Currently, comfortable baby safety belt is available at affordable price in Bangladesh. This type of belt is mainly designed with strong buckles and padding, which ensures maximum comfort and safety for the baby. In addition, baby seat belt has adjustable straps, which securely fasten them to different types of cars or high chairs.

Also, car safety belt and all accessories related to safety belt is available at low price in Bangladesh.

How much does Safety Belt cost?

Safety belt price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 750 which is suitable for industrial work and working comfortably on various towers and electrical pillars. Moreover, safety belt price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on factors including quality, adjustable straps, padding and certification. High quality, adjustable straps, padded safety harness is available in the budget of Tk 1,500 to Tk 3,000. Also, premium quality safety belt with advanced safety features starts from Tk 4,000 in Bangladesh.

Best Safety Belt Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Safety Belt Model Price in BD
Harness Full Body Safety Belt with Shock Absorber ৳ 2,400
High Quality Full Body Safety Belt ৳ 2,050
Full Body Harness UEE 265K with Twin Lanyard ৳ 3,340