Wrist Watch Price in Bangladesh

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Since the invention of the wrist watch, it has become a companion in people's daily life. Sometimes wristwatches are used for necessity and sometimes for expressing beauty. Along with the needs and lifestyle of people, the design and technology of wristwatches have changed which has made wristwatches more attractive. Currently, Naviforce, Rado, SKMEI, Olives, Casio, and many other brands and designs of watches are available in Bangladesh.

What to look for before buying wrist watch?

Wrist watch is made with different technologies. Hence, one should buy the watch by selecting the preferred technology as per the requirement. Some special features of watches are discussed:

Design: Currently, wrist watch is available in Bangladesh in various attractive designs and colors. Specially the wrist watch strap has a more attractive design. Some watch straps are made of leather which is attractive for longer and suits formal wear. Also, wristwatches are available with stainless steel straps that look great and go well with any environment and outfit. So, select the watch design as per your preference.

Movement: The movement is the type of main engine of the watch or the type of operating system by which the watch displays the time. A wristwatch movement is also commonly known as a calibre. Watches with different types of movements or calibres are currently available in Bangladesh. Some of the movements are Mechanical, Automatic, Quartz, Kinetic, and Eco-Drive. You can use any type of movement watch as per your need. However, quartz movement wristwatches currently have a reputation for showing the relatively accurate time.

Display: Wrist watch shows the time with the help of the display. Currently, there are two types of wristwatches available with displays: analog display and digital display. Again, some watches are available that include both analog and digital displays. A wristwatch with two displays is called a dual-display wristwatch. Besides, wristwatches with various designs of displays are available in BD.

Waterproof: Currently, various types of technology are incorporated into wristwatches based on user usage patterns. One of the technologies is waterproof, which prevents water from entering the watch up to a certain depth. However, some watches can only prevent water splashes. So, before buying a watch, you need to know how deep the watch can withstand water.

Alarm System: Usually some wristwatches have an alarm system that rings when a certain time is reached. So, if necessary, select a watch that has an alarm system attached.

What is the price of watches in Bangladesh?

Currently, wrist watch price in Bangladesh starts from TK 500 to TK 700 depending on the brand, design, material, technology, and quality of the watch. However, relatively good quality watches are available between TK 2,000 to TK 5,000. However, there are many watches with special qualities that are comparatively more expensive.

Best Wrist Watch Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2024

Wrist Watch Model Price in BD
Olevs OL10b Luxury Couple Set Watch ৳ 4,000
Olevs 6898 Luxurious Waterproof Wrist Watch ৳ 1,470
Xiaomi Watch S3 ৳ 22,000
Daniel Wellington Lady's Watch ৳ 1,800
Rolex Stylish Women Watch ৳ 1,799
Halei Luxurious Wrist Watch ৳ 1,790
Casio Women Wrist Watch ৳ 1,800
Casio Wrist Watch Couple Set ৳ 5,000
Olevs 5563 Couple Waterproof Watch ৳ 4,200
Olevs Premium Wrist Watch ৳ 499