Torch Light Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Torch Light Buying in Bangladesh

Torch light is the most useful means of providing light in the dark. In Bangladesh, torch light has been widely used in villages since a long time ago. Torch light plays an important role while traveling to various tourist destinations. However, as the quality of flashlights has improved with the advancement of technology, so have their uses. Torch lights in Bangladesh are now smaller in size and many do not require batteries and are much cheaper. In many countries this torch light is also called Flashlight. But also best known as torch light in Bangladesh.

What are the advantages of torch light?

Torch light has many benefits. These are:

1. LED lights are used in current torch lights. The result is a very nice bright light.

2. A flashlight comes in handy in the dark in an emergency, such as when someone is in danger.

3. Many head lamps are available in Bangladesh. They come in various uses including cycling, fishing, patrolling.

4. Most of today's flashlights are waterproof. So it is not spoiled even if it gets wet in water.

5. The torch light has the ability to reduce or increase the light according to its own convenience.

How much is the price of torch light in Bangladesh?

Torch light price in Bangladesh starts from only 220 Taka. This torch light provides light in telescopic zoom mode. Its lighting mode can be changed in 3 gears. This torch light is made of aluminum. It has a 1500 mAh battery that provides long-lasting light.

How many types of torch lights are available in Bangladesh?

There are many types of torch lights available in Bangladesh. Such as: head lamp, unbreakable torch light, waterproof torch light, rechargeable torch light, battery powered torch light. It is better to buy torch light considering the usage. Also different types of torch lights are available in Bangladesh which are very cheap.

What kind of light is needed for adventure?

The torch light should be selected according to the location for the adventure. Torch light or head lamp should be taken depending on the place of adventure. Head lamps are good for adventures like boating, cycling, fishing etc. Besides, torch light will be good for other adventures.

Are waterproof torch lights affordable and how much do they cost?

The price of waterproof torch lights in Bangladesh starts from 1,050 Taka. Also, the waterproof torch light has the ability to spread light up to 500 meters. It provides light in high, medium, low and SOS modes. There is a 4200 milliampere battery in this torch light.

What are the best things to look for when buying a flashlight?

1. How much light output should be seen. Light intensity is usually measured in lux. Any low-cost flashlight will do for general work, but for outdoor trips and emergency work, a strong LED will work well. And how far this light goes should also be seen. This is called beam distance. It is usually measured in meters. The higher the beam the better.

2. The power type of the torch should be well considered. Battery torch lights are good for emergency work or where electric charging is not available. Rechargeable torch lights are good for general household tasks because they will cost less.

3. It should be considered how big the torch light needs to be. Small lights are good for daily walks because many times when the power goes out, elderly people have mobility problems. A slightly larger flashlight is good for emergency needs or travel as they provide intense light. However, there are some small torch lights available in the market these days that provide the same light as a large torch but cost a bit more.

4. The grip of the flashlight can be seen. It should be comfortable to hold and not fall off easily.

5. A waterproof torch light should be purchased if necessary as it will come in handy during most of the rainy months in Bangladesh.