Mouse Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Mouse is a reliable and efficient device for smooth navigation and precise control of all computer functions. From web browsing in general to complex designs and engaging gaming, the role of the mouse is essential. Currently, mouse with advanced optical or laser sensors, adjustable DPI settings, and programmable buttons are commonly available. Also, popular brands like Logitech, A4Tech, HP, Dell, and Havit are available in various designs including wired, wireless, and gaming mouse at an affordable price in BD.

Type of mouse

Wired Mouse: Wired mouse is usually connected between the computer and the mouse through a cable. This type of mouse is an old technology but provides excellent performance in terms of accuracy, tracking, and latency. Moreover, using a wired mouse requires no batteries.

Wireless Mouse: A wireless mouse is usually a wireless or cordless mouse, which usually does not require a cable for use with a computer or laptop. This type of mouse can be operated using a USB receiver or RF technology. As a result, the PC can be operated comfortably for a long time from a certain distance using a wireless mouse. Moreover, 2.4 GHz frequency wireless mouse is available at affordable prices in Bangladesh.

Bluetooth Mouse: Similar to wireless mouse, Bluetooth mouse is made using Bluetooth technology. Moreover, since almost all laptops have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, using a Bluetooth mouse does not require the use of an additional USB receiver. Therefore, in the case of using a Bluetooth mouse, it can only be operated by connecting the Bluetooth to the laptop.

Gaming Mouse: Gaming mouse are generally available in both wired and wireless variants. This type of mouse usually comes with high DPI, programmable buttons, customizable RGB lights, and ergonomic design in addition to providing low latency during intense gaming sessions. Moreover, the gaming mouse can be used for gaming as well as for operating the computer in daily tasks.

Optical Mouse: The optical mouse is usually built with LED or infrared technology. This type of mouse is mainly used to track movement. Moreover, the optical mouse allows for precise cursor control on various surfaces without the need for a mouse pad.

How much does the mouse cost?

Mouse prices usually vary depending on the brand, features, quality, and type.  Mouse price in BD starts at 300 Tk, which is usually wired mouse with optical sensors. Also, mouse with wireless, Bluetooth, and RF technology is available on a budget of Tk 1,000 to Tk 2,000 in BD.

What is the benefit of a wireless mouse and how much does it cost?

  • Wireless mouse does not need to be connected, so it can be used independently with a laptop.
  • Wirless mouse reduces the desk clutter and helps to keep working without annoying cable. It requires battery to operate.
  • The wireless mouse is very lightweight so it can easily be carried anywhere.
  • Wireless mouse plays a very useful role in any presentation and meeting.
  • There is no risk of cable damage during setup and connection with laptops or monitoring devices.
  • The wireless mouse is compatible with various devices and operating systems.
  • Also, any video and multimedia-related tasks can be controlled from a certain distance by using a wireless mouse.
  • Wireless mouse price starts at Tk 650 in BD, which usually has wireless connectivity and can be used up to a distance of about 10 meters. Also, wireless mouse with an optical sensor, 2.4 GHz frequency, and suitable for use on multiple devices is available in the budget of Tk 1,500 to Tk 4,500.

What is the feature of Gaming mouse and how much does it cost?

  • The gaming mouse provides precision and low latency for accurate cursor control while gaming.
  • The gaming mouse has customizable buttons and macros for quick access to in-game commands.
  • The gaming mouse is available with an ergonomic design for comfortable grip during long gaming sessions.
  • In addition, the gaming mouse has adjustable DPI settings for on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments.
  • The gaming mouse offers programmable RGB lights to make gaming more interesting.
  • Gaming mouse offers superior durability and premium build quality to withstand intense gaming use as well as ensure long-lasting use.
  • For competitive gaming, the gaming mouse reduces input lag along with improved tracking and fast responsiveness.
  • Gaming mouse price starts at 500 Tk, which is usually ultra-quiet & low-friction mouse. Also, gaming mouse with advanced sensors, modern technology, and ergonomic design is available in BD on a budget of Tk 1,200 to Tk 2,000.